In December, DiamondGlow was recommended on the Oprah Magazine lists of “Our Beauty Director’s Favorite Holiday Gifts to Give in 2022.” If you missed the memo, that’s alright—VIDA is your hub for DiamondGlow treatments and this is far from a holiday exclusive. DiamondGlow is a 30-minute luxury treatment that helps you achieve skin that is clearer, smoother, and healthier with an even tone. Reduce fine lines and wrinkles, battle dryness, lighten discoloration, and add radiance to dull skin with this 3-in-1 proprietary treatment that comes with no downtime.

The first step is exfoliation followed by extraction, and finally the skin is bathed in medical-grade serums that are hand-picked just for you. DiamondGlow uses real crushed diamond tips for exfoliation and extraction, and your provider has a selection of tips to further individualize each treatment. It works in tandem with the wand that sucks up debris and gunk from clogged pores. Truly clear skin and clog-free pores help SkinMedica topicals best penetrate and get to work. SkinMedica is the only line used with DiamondGlow because it is one of the top-rated science-backed lines—and DiamondGlow is a great way to try out these topicals before committing to an entire tube or vial. Some of the SkinMedica options available with this facial include Ultra Hydrating, Pore Clarifying, TNS Advanced+, Vitamin C, and Skin Brightening.

Meet Your New Best Friend

DiamondGlow is different from other facials for a few reasons, starting with the technique. It features a 4 – 6 count pulse so that the skin is able to fully absorb the serums. Move too fast and absorption won’t happen, which means you won’t get the best results. The goal is to get skin as volumized as possible at the end of the treatment, and most people have a potential increase in volume of up to 70 percent. Another DiamondGlow difference is the focus on lymphatic drainage of the neck and eyes. The goal with the neck is to remove wrinkles and the crepe-like appearance, which is achieved when skin is smooth and hydrated.

Lymphatic drainage is a kind of manual massage that complements DiamondGlow. Even for those who are too young to worry about a turkey neck that comes with age, you can always get ahead of the game—and always enjoy more hydrated skin and improved appearance. You can also get DiamondGlow near the eye area and on the lips, and it is one of the few such facials available that are safe for volumizing and plumping these delicate areas. As a bonus, DiamondGlow is FDA-approved to treat acne, too, including stubborn cystic acne. It’s truly a wonder treatment that is powerful yet gentle enough to be used monthly.

What to Expect After Your Diamond Experience

There is no downtime, but skin might appear a little pink for a few hours after the treatment. This will dissipate quickly and you can trust your skin will be looking its best shortly after leaving. Many clients get DiamondGlow the day of a special event, as skin will look and feel its brightest and smoothest. Since DiamondGlow is so relatively gentle, you can also pair it with other procedures or treatments during the same appointment, such as Botox or fillers.

Celebrities adore DiamondGlow for both the outcome and the luxurious experience, but it’s accessible to all men and women who want to revitalize their skin. There are few contraindications, though you want to ensure there are no open lesions on the treatment site before getting DiamondGlow. Avoiding any exfoliation when lesions are present is essential for fast, safe healing.

Is DiamondGlow for You?

Whether you’re looking for a way to achieve and sustain beautiful skin with a routine treatment, a one-off luxe experience, or you’re prepping for a special event, DiamondGlow is a must-have. It’s also a great way to get a head start on that New Year’s resolution of taking better care of your skin and loving the look. Complimentary consultations are available for all treatments at VIDA, though no consult is required for DiamondGlow.

Book your appointment today and discover the diamond difference for yourself. Simply call VIDA during business hours or complete the online contact form now.