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Acne Treatment

Acne can be painful—physically and psychologically. Whether you struggle with minor, occasional flare-ups or you’ve been living with years of severe acne and scarring, at VIDA Aesthetic Medicine we offer a variety of treatments that can help you live acne-free. No matter your skin goals, we’ll work with you to restore your smooth, clear complexion so you can put your best face forward.

As an aesthetic medical facility with a medical director and team of estheticians, supervising all treatments, VIDA is your home for a wide suite of acne treatments. As you know, over-the-counter and at-home acne treatments don’t always work, and they’re no match for more severe forms of acne. Working with experts who prioritize skin health and beauty is essential for keeping acne in check, as well as erasing acne scarring. At VIDA, we combine medical-grade acne prevention with the latest treatments for lingering signs of acne.

Stop Acne in Its Tracks

If you have active acne, you’ve probably already exhausted over the counter creams, ointments, and at-home “remedies.” Only doctors can prescribe medical-strength acne products that actually work. Acne is a medical condition, although a common one, and it deserves professional treatment just like any other medical issue. Finding the right acne treatment that works for you and your specific types of acne is critical. Whether it’s the common whitehead or cystic acne, which can cause serious scarring, VIDA has the best prescription-strength treatments to stop acne for good.

Broadband Light

Broadband light (BBL) and intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy both use light energy to stop active acne. It can even remove the lingering brown or red hyperpigmentation that is common with acne, and you’ll actually see these pigments flake away in the weeks following the treatment. Both BBL and IPL are very effective at treating some types of acne and the associated symptoms with minimal downtime and no risk of harming the surrounding tissue.

Light Chemical Peel

A superficial or light chemical peel is another great method for putting a stop to acne. When an expert removes the top layers of the skin, this can keep acne from forming in the first place while simultaneously revealing clear skin below the surface. Simultaneously, light chemical peels encourage collagen production to help your skin look and feel its best.

We Answer The Most

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly will I see results from acne treatment?2020-02-09T14:27:06-08:00

Microneedling, chemical peels, BBL, and IPL all rely to some degree on skin cell turnover and collagen production. However, treatments like chemical peels can also show faster results since they are immediately removing the top layer of damaged skin. This means that result times will vary, but you can expect to start seeing full results about one month after your treatment.

How much downtime is there with acne treatment?2020-02-09T14:28:26-08:00

There is no downtime with microneedling. Sometimes there is minor swelling or redness following a light chemical peel, BBL, and IPL, but this subsides in a few hours. Medium-depth chemical peels might make you feel like you have a slight sunburn for a couple of days after your treatment, but you should be able to return to most aspects of your daily life immediately.

I’ve tried every type of acne treatment. What makes VIDA different?2020-02-09T14:24:48-08:00

A lot of the time, stopping and preventing acne requires a customized approach from a medical professional. VIDA offers fully personalized acne treatments paired with medical-strength products to quickly and effectively keep acne in check for good.

Which chemical peel is best for my type of acne?2020-02-09T14:25:44-08:00

There are different types of acne, which means the best chemical peel for you will vary. A light chemical peel or medium chemical peel is usually best, and the Microderm-Peel or PCA Peel are often the recommended approach for clients with acne.

Erasing the Past: Treatments For Acne Scarring

We offer several treatments to reduce the appearance of acne scarring. Check out what’s possible for reducing the appearance scarring from acne, and be sure to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our highly qualified providers.


Microneedling, also known as Collagen Induction Therapy, works by creating thousands of little micro-channels deep into the skin’s layers. These controlled channels tell your body to stimulate its natural healing process that repairs and makes new collagen. Microneedling is exclusively used for acne scarring and cannot be used for active acne. Microneedling is a highly effective treatment when scars are indented or have created craters or pits, but aren’t hyperpigmented. Microneedling is also highly effective when additives are introduced into the skin treatment which super charges the results.

Medium-Depth Chemical Peels

Medium-depth chemical peels work because they penetrate deep into the skin, removing the top layers of scarred tissue and allowing youthful, new, smooth, and even skin to regenerate in its place. Be careful of over the counter “peels,” since these can actually cause acne flare-ups. VIDA chemical peels are safe, effective, and expertly applied for quality results you can trust.

Lighter Chemical Peels / Microdermabrasion Combo

We offer the Microderm-Peel which combines a chemical peel with a microdermabrasion for great results using the DiamondTome diamond tip. The treatment removes damaged, dead cells from the skin’s surface with no irritation. It’s followed by a chemical peel, and the microdermabrasion allows for a deeper penetration. Another option is the PCA Peel, which is a minimally-invasive chemical peel that improves and clears the skin. Both chemical peels are suitable for all types of skin, but the PCA Peel is especially effective at encouraging skin cells to turnover, improving the skin’s function as old skin cells are exfoliated and replaced by fresh, new cells.

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