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VIDA Aesthetic Medicine offers two membership programs: the VIDA Membership and the Glow Club Membership, both providing exclusive pricing and benefits on various treatments. The VIDA Membership, priced at $125 per month or $1500 per year, includes discounts on Botox, fillers, CoolSculpting, laser hair reduction, esthetician services, and skincare products, along with a free esthetician treatment during the member’s birthday month. The Glow Club Membership, at $99 per month or $1188 per year, focuses more on esthetician treatments with added discounts on skincare and treatments, offering similar discounts and benefits, but without the injectables.

Explore these options on our Membership Page and join our VIDA Membership or the new Glow Club Membership!

With our comprehensive treatments, including injectables, laser therapies, and body contouring, combined with membership benefits, your path to aesthetic perfection is clear and rewarding.

Step into 2024 with confidence and the support of VIDA Aesthetic Medicine. Let’s make this year about self-love, beauty, and wellness.

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