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Tattoo Removal

Tattoos are forever—or are they? At VIDA Aesthetic Medicine, we understand that people change, but tattoos don’t unless you have professional tattoo removal using the latest technology. Whether you’ve outgrown a tattoo or just want to make room for new ink, we can help you with laser tattoo removal. It’s a safe and effective procedure that uses the Q-Switched MedLite C6 laser to break up the ink that your body will then naturally eliminate.

How Tattoo Removal Works – Meet The MedLite C6 Laser

State-of-the-art laser therapies can remove a variety of unwanted items from the skin, from tattoos to body hair. VIDA Esthetician Team is highly experienced and expertly trained in laser tattoo removal. Certified in 2012 with the MedLite C6 laser, our providers continue their training and education to ensure they’re knowledgeable in the latest tips and techniques.  As a result of ongoing training and access to cutting-edge research, our providers know exactly how to assess and treat even the most intricate of tattoos to ensure the most success.

The MedLite C6 by Cynosure uses revolutionary technology designed specifically to treat and remove unwanted tattoo ink by sending short, fast energy pulses to the inked area. Light energy vibrates and breaks up the ink, turning it into micro-particles that the body organically processes and eliminates.

VIDA Removes Youth Gang Tattoos

Sometimes it’s not only the quality of the tattoo that makes you want to remove them. Gang tattoos are reminders of a life you’ve left behind and can hinder your present and future success of being hired, receiving promotions, and even your personal life. That’s why VIDA participates in helping to remove gang tattoos on youth. Certain rules and restrictions apply. Please call our office for details.

Tattoo Removal Before/After Photos*

Tattoo Removal Patient #1 Before/After Photo | VIDA Aesthetic Medicine
Tattoo Removal Before/After Photo Patient, VIDA Aesthetic Medicine, Salem

We Answer The Most

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does tattoo removal treatment take?2020-02-08T17:12:29-08:00

Appointment length varies based on your treatment plan, but most laser tattoo removal sessions last between 15–30 minutes.

How many tattoo treatments will I need?2020-02-08T17:11:15-08:00

The number of recommended treatments varies for every client. A VIDA skilled esthetician will design a treatment plan just for you based on your tattoo, needs, and concerns.

Does tattoo removal damage the skin?2020-02-08T17:11:45-08:00

Laser tattoo removal specifically targets the inked area. However, some mild redness or swelling may occur after your session. This will subside on its own.

Can any tattoo be removed?2020-02-08T17:10:29-08:00

There are many variables when it comes to tattoo removal, including the type of ink, age of the tattoo, depth of placement, placement on the body, and of course, the ink color. All of these factors will help dictate how easily a tattoo can be removed and approximately how many sessions you’ll need. For example, older tattoos using black ink are the easiest to remove. Some colors, like green and blue, are more challenging to remove. You’ll learn more during your complimentary consultation.

Is there any downtime?2020-02-08T17:13:04-08:00

There is no downtime for laser tattoo removal with the MedLite C6. However, you may feel like you have a sunburn in the area with some redness and tenderness. This resolves within 24 hours. It’s also critical to avoid direct sun exposure following laser tattoo removal.

When will I see tattoo results?2020-02-08T17:13:35-08:00

MedLiteC6 tattoo removal is customized for every client, so result times will vary.

Add-on Treatments for Tattoo Removal

Removing old tattoos is just one step in restoring your natural “canvas.” VIDA offers a variety of other treatments to help your skin look and feel its best.

If you really want to revitalize your skin, additional treatments such as BBL for improved skin tone and texture can be a great complement to laser tattoo removal. Further rejuvenating the skin after laser tattoo removal treatments can help you take the reclamation of your skin to the next level. Microneedling improves the appearance of skin through tiny micro-injuries. If you want to enhance skin quality further, microneedling following laser tattoo removal can be a great combination.

Tattoo Removal Before/After Photo Patient, VIDA Aesthetic Medicine, Salem

Tattoo Removal Before/After Image*, Real VIDA patient

What to Expect with Tattoo Removal

You’ll learn a lot during your complimentary consultation, including how many treatments are recommended, the length of your sessions, and when you can expect to start seeing results.

During your appointment, cold air is blown on to the treatment area to increase comfort. You’ll be given safety goggles, just like with any other type of laser or light therapy treatment. If you watch the process, you might notice that the tattoo can turn white for a few seconds as the laser is applied. After the treatment, a bandage is applied along with instructions for at-home care.

Following every appointment, it’s critical to avoid direct sun exposure on the treated area. Your esthetician will tell you exactly how long to avoid exposure, and recommend a medical-grade skin care regimen, including sunscreen, to help protect your skin as it heals.

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