Exfoliation comes in many forms, some better than others. However, by itself, there’s only so much even the best exfoliation can achieve and many techniques and tools leave much to be desired. VIDA offers DiamondGlow, the 3-in-1 proprietary “facial” that is much more than a facial. Using genuine crushed diamond tips, the DiamondGlow cleanses and exfoliates, extracts gunk from the pores, and infuses the skin with medical-grade topicals picked just for you in a single treatment. Find out for yourself why celebrities are in love with this luxe treatment, often opting for monthly sessions to achieve and sustain their results.

Exfoliation should always begin with a cleansing, preferably using medical-grade materials. Otherwise, debris on the skin’s surface might get pushed further into the skin. Exfoliation immediately following a deep cleansing allows for maximum benefits, not only removing debris from the skin’s surface but also kickstarting cell rejuvenation. However, cleansing and exfoliating the skin’s surface isn’t enough. Pores make for an excellent “hiding spot” for oil, debris, and bacteria that causes acne.

The DiamondGlow Difference

By extracting clogged pores, you can achieve true cleanliness with the added benefit of ensuring pores appear smaller. Pores will naturally become clogged over time due to sebum (skin oil), pollution, and topicals you may use including sunscreen and makeup. A monthly DiamondGlow treatment means that you can help keep pores clean and clear, keeping their appearance small and more aesthetically pleasing.

A DiamondGlow treatment ends with custom-picked topicals specifically selected to achieve your skin goals. Since your skin is an organ and there are over 3,000 unique skin conditions, every DiamondGlow experience is different. We exclusively use medical-grade products that can help with everything from dry skin to acne and hyperpigmentation. A change in seasons is the perfect time to start a DiamondGlow regimen since skin problems tend to happen at this time.

Mixing DiamondGlow with Other Treatments

DiamondGlow is equal parts powerful and gentle, requiring no downtime. In fact, many people opt for a DiamondGlow experience the day of a big event. You can also combine DiamondGlow with a myriad of other treatments ranging from dermaplaning to Botox, fillers, and more. Multiple treatments are almost always the way to get the results you want, since a single treatment can only do so much. DiamondGlow can prep your skin for other treatments, too, or serve as a soothing after-treatment for others. The exact treatments to combine will depend on your skin and your goals and can be discussed during your consultation.

DiamondGlow can be used on all skin tones and types, unlike some more aggressive treatments that can lead to unwanted side effects like hypopigmentation. Anyone of any age, men and women alike, have fallen in love with this treatment that comes with seven different attachment options for a wholly individualized treatment plan. If you are looking for a luxury treatment that will leave your skin baby-soft and smooth, consider a DiamondGlow and you’ll see why it’s so much more than a facial.

DiamondGlow Booking

At VIDA, led by medical director Dr. Glen who trains all members of staff, we only offer solutions that are safe, effective, and offer real results. We are proud to offer DiamondGlow as the next era in facials, exfoliation, and a pamper-ful experience. It’s the perfect way to segue into summer, and when you fall in love with DiamondGlow it’s easy to squeeze a session into your lunch hour and the busiest of schedules.

A consultation isn’t required for DiamondGlow since it is suitable for all, but if you would like a consult to create a custom regimen just for you we can certainly work together to achieve that. A consultation is also a great time to get all your questions answered, learn about best pairings with DiamondGlow for your skin, and identify the tools and techniques to take your skin to the next level. Connect with VIDA today by calling the office or completing the online contact form to schedule your DiamondGlow consultation or appointment today.