Botox has been the most popular cosmetic treatment for years, but since the onset of the pandemic it has become even more in-demand. VIDA is led by Medical Director Dr. Glen, who trains every member of staff to the highest of standards. Our injectors include Dr. Thompson, Kseniya Trofimchik, RN, and Ashley Stiner, RN. As more than a medical day spa, we are committed to not only providing the best treatments but also the best experience, which includes having an injector with the skill to make a difference.

If you’re new to Botox or you’re ready for a refresher injection, it’s critical to understand the importance of finding the right provider. Our office has seen an influx of new patients requesting Botox, dermal fillers, or both. According to AbbVie, the makers of Botox, in 2021 sales of the injectable passed $1 billion in the first nine months alone. Compare that to total 2020 sales of $600 million and, while still impressive, it’s clear to see the demand for Botox has never been higher.

Why Botox Now

It’s no surprise that Botox is more desired than ever, and it’s all thanks to the Zoom boom. As more and more people spend the days staring at themselves on video calls, it’s akin to being forced to look in the mirror for hours at a time. Of course, you’re going to see things you’d like to change or improve. Couple that with the stress of the last two years, which can greatly contribute to lines and wrinkles, and for many Botox has become a must-have. There are also recent studies that show it helps with anxiety, so Botox can deliver a number of benefits.

Plus, more and more younger patients are interested in Botox. The average Botox patient today is around 40, whereas it was 50 a few years ago. However, it’s important to bear in mind that this is an average. Plenty of patients in their 20s and 30s are getting Botox, too. Some are choosing Botox to treat active signs of aging, while others are using it to prevent them. You can train muscles to be strong or weak, and training tiny muscles that cause wrinkles to be weak is a great way to stay younger-looking for longer.

Botox: A Long-Term Love

Botox has been readily available for 20 years, so there’s also the fact that there is great trust in this treatment. When Botox is performed well (precisely) and relatively conservatively, the results are gorgeous and natural-looking. Still, you do need to make sure your provider is highly skilled and trained. Numerous studies have shown over the years that Botox is safe and effective. It’s also routinely used for off-label purposes, such as preventing migraines and excess sweating.

Best practices immediately following your procedure can help to maximize and sustain results while avoiding any rare side-effects. It’s a good idea to avoid alcohol for about 12 hours before and after your injection if you want to prevent risk of bleeding (as alcohol thins the blood). You should also avoid working out for the rest of the day after Botox. No controlled studies currently exist to back up this tip, but pressure on injection sites and sweating have the potential to minimize the effect of Botox. Ultimately, there’s no reason to risk it—instead, work out beforehand it you can’t miss a day.

Your Best Botox

Avoid unnecessarily touching and massaging the treatment area for about two weeks after the treatment. This includes treatments like jade rollers or face-sculptors. “Normal” touching, such as washing your face, is fine. However, it does take Botox a little while to “settle” and you want to get the most out of your treatment. Finally, bear in mind that “Botox bumps” are very common right after any session. They typically go away in a couple of hours, but you may want to avoid scheduling any important meeting right after a Botox injection.

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