You have a lot of options when it comes to dermal fillers and lip fillers. VIDA carries only the best, safest, and most effective fillers including Voluma, Sculptra, Restylane, and Radiesse. VIDA’s Medical Director, Dr. Kim Thompson, personally trains all staff members to the highest standards. We are home to expert injectors Dr. Glen Jarosz and Julie Miller, RN, who are committed to providing you with beautiful and natural-looking results. Dr. Kim also performs treatments, so you can rest assured that the VIDA trio of injectors will provide you with a wonderful experience and an outcome that you will love.

Many clients feel overwhelmed when they realize how many dermal fillers there are, but don’t worry. We work with clients to develop a customized approach to achieve their unique goals while keeping their one of a kind natural features in mind. It’s best to think of dermal fillers as various families, because that’s exactly how they are divided. For example, Voluma is part of the Juvederm family of dermal fillers. Juvederm, like other manufacturers of fillers, has created a suite of dermal fillers each designed for specific results and/or parts of the face or body.

Finding the Right Dermal Filler for You

The vast majority of dermal fillers, including Voluma and Restylane, use hyaluronic acid (HA). HA is already synthesized naturally in the body, but we tend to produce less of it as we age. HA is a great ingredient because of its natural properties—there is virtually no chance that your body will reject HA since it’s familiar with it. You may have seen HA listed as an ingredient in your favorite skin care product, too. HA can work great as a topical treatment to temporarily plump up the skin, but works even better when it’s injected.

Like any dermal filler, those made with HA are meant to restore volume that has been lost or never existed. For example, the cheeks, below the eyes, and the jawline are all very common areas where we lose the good kind of volume as we get older. HA-based dermal fillers offer immediate results. There may be some very minor swelling in the first week, but the vast majority of clients feel confident going about their daily routines even in these early days. You can expect the final results to show within 2 – 3 weeks after the injection and they can last anywhere from 6 – 14 months on average depending on the type of dermal filler and the amount used.

Other Kinds of Fillers

There are other fillers, like Sculptra, that do not use HA. Instead, they work by prompting the body to produce more collagen at the injection site. Collagen is our body’s natural healing protein and it’s also what keeps the skin soft and supple. However, we also produce less of this as we get older, which is one of the reasons signs of aging appear. Sculptra results are not immediate, since it is not possible to immediately produce collagen at the target site. Instead, the results reveal themselves in the months following the treatment.

Sculptra is preferred by those who want a highly natural result, as well as longer-lasting results. Unlike HA dermal fillers, the results from Sculptra last for about two years. There is also Radiesse, a type of dermal filler specifically designed to treat wrinkles and skin folds, although it can help restore volume as well. Radiesse is especially useful for treating the backs of the hands. Instead of HA, Radiesse is made with opaque calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHA), a gel microsphere.

Your Best Results

It is not uncommon to combine types of dermal fillers to get customized and gorgeous results. This is especially true if you want to treat multiple areas, since all dermal fillers are designed for specific spot(s) on the face or body. An individualized treatment plan is a must, and you can get started with a complimentary consultation.

Dermal fillers can make you look years younger, healthier, and happier. These injections give you the power to customize your aesthetic while turning back the clock. Discover more about dermal fillers and the kind of results you can expect by completing the online form or calling VIDA today at (503) 399-0021.