DiamondGlow is a celebrity-favorite treatment and it’s available at VIDA to help get you holiday-ready. The proprietary procedure uses a suite of real diamond crushed tips to help you get the ultimate glow. Looking for a secret weapon that’s quick, easy, and really works? Check out why DiamondGlow is the perfect pick this holiday season:

  1. It’s 3 treatments in 1. Unlike “just” a facial or exfoliation, DiamondGlow cleanses and exfoliates the skin, extracts debris from pores, and infuses the skin with hand-picked medical-grade topicals just for your skin and it’s needs. However, just because you’re getting 3 treatments doesn’t mean you have to reserve an entire afternoon.
  2. DiamondGlow is fast—just 30 minutes. Thanks to cutting-edge technology that quickly completes each step in immediate succession, DiamondGlow requires just half an hour per session. However, if you do have more time, it also works well with virtually every other treatment.
  3. DiamondGlow is the perfect pairing for optimal results. You can combine DiamondGlow with a myriad of other treatments and services like Botox, dermal fillers, and more. It is both highly effective and yet gentle.
  4. No downtime is required. You will see gorgeous results immediately after your session. In fact, a lot of people schedule a DiamondGlow the day of a big event.
  5. It’s comfortable. Diamonds are tough, so it might seem like using diamonds on your skin could be a bit aggressive. However, DiamondGlow is just as comfortable as other forms of exfoliation you may have experienced.
  6. It can be used on all skin types. Some treatments, such as some lasers, are not suitable for darker skin tones. DiamondGlow is great for men and women of all ages and of any skin tone and type. The only contraindication for DiamondGlow is open lesions. You’ll want those to heal before opting for any exfoliation treatment.
  7. It’s always customized. The final step of DiamondGlow is bathing your skin in medical-grade skin care products that have been hand-picked for you. Your skin is always changing, which means its needs are always changing.
  8. Try before you buy skin care products. Having a solid at-home skin care regimen is critical to skin health. However, it can be intimidating to commit to an entire bottle. DiamondGlow lets you try out new (to you) skin care products so you can experience the difference for yourself.
  9. It addresses a wide range of skin concerns. Immediately after treatment you’ll notice that skin is brighter, clearer, smoother, and pores are smaller. Instant gratification is available with DiamondGlow, meaning there’s no waiting and watching for the results.
  10. It’s a great prep for holiday makeup. Schedule a DiamondGlow the day of a big event and you’ll find that your makeup goes on easier and smoother. That’s what happens when skin is properly prepped. For even better application, start DiamondGlow with a dermaplaning session to remove peach fuzz.
  11. It’s great for social media. DiamondGlow quickly became a favorite treatment featured on social media (for celebs and non-celebs alike). If you’d like to share your experience with this luxe treatment, we’re happy to help you snap some photos.
  12. It does more than professional cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, and topicals can do alone. One of the reasons DiamondGlow works so well is that it combines so many skin care musts in one easy treatment.
  13. Routine treatments are key. You’ll see gorgeous results after just one session, but to keep them monthly appointments are recommended.

To find out more about DiamondGlow or book your appointment, contact VIDA today. Give us a call during business hours or complete the online contact form now.