The C6 laser is the latest generation from MedLite, a technology that debuted 20 years ago as a means for addressing the most common skin conditions. Since VIDA is committed to providing you with the latest and best skin rejuvenation technologies, including lasers, we were quick to make sure the MedLite C6 was part of our laser family. This tool uses PhotoAcoustic energy to treat a myriad of skin conditions. from facial wrinkles to acne scarring and sun spots. However, there are two key uses for this laser that really make it stand out.

Laser hair reduction

Many lasers say that they can reduce unwanted hair, but we consider MedLite C6 the gold standard. It works better and is more comfortable than other lasers that reduce unwanted hair, which is why we exclusively recommend it. However, keep in mind that laser hair reduction is just that—reduction. There is no laser that can fully and permanently get rid of unwanted hair. Plus, the best candidates for laser hair reduction are still those with lighter skin treating darker hair. Lasers are typically ineffective for removing blond(e) hairs. For that, stick with Dermaplaning on the face or shaving, waxing, or sugaring on the body.

The only way to permanently get rid of unwanted hair is with electrolysis. However, this treatment is expensive, takes a long time (oftentimes years), and is very painful. Laser hair reduction with the MedLite C6 is usually effective enough for clients to achieve skin smooth enough that routine shaving or waxing is no longer needed. Plus, right now is the perfect time of year to start your laser hair reduction journey. Summer is coming to a close so you can focus on getting that baby-smooth skin in time for winter holiday getaways.

Tattoo removal

]Everyone makes mistakes. Laser tattoo removal is nothing new, but the effectiveness of the MedLife C6 is novel. Just like how we only recommend MedLite C6 for laser hair reduction, we exclusively offer the same laser for tattoo removal. MedLite C6 is capable of breaking up even the deepest, oldest ink of every color. This means you will need fewer sessions to achieve clearer skin. As a bonus, the MedLite C6 is more comfortable than other laser tattoo removal. Most clients compare the discomfort to getting the original tattoo.

There are many reasons you might want to get rid of a tattoo. Whether it doesn’t suit your style anymore, you’re trying to clear up your skin in general, or you’re making room for fresh ink, there’s no judgement here. MedLite C6 works by breaking up the targeted pigment (ink) in the tattoo, allowing your body to naturally absorb and expel the tiny shards in the weeks following each treatment. You will see some improvement right after your appointment, but those results will continue to improve as the body gets to work.

Although MedLite C6 can be used for other issues such as skin rejuvenation, we have found that other lasers—like BBL—are more effective for those kinds of cosmetic concerns. However, we will work with you to create a treatment plan designed just for you. There are also other, complementary treatments that can help with your skin care goals, such as microdermabrasion.

Take Your Skin to the Next Level

Laser hair reduction and tattoo removal are just two ways to change up your look this autumn. Both help you get skin that is more in keeping with your current aesthetic. However, healthy skin needs more, including a good at-home regimen with medical-grade skin care products.

No matter your goals or the current condition of your skin, you deserve to work with leading experts. That’s why every staff member at VIDA is trained by Dr.Kim Thompson and supervised by MDs. Interested in injectables? Only MDs and RNs offer these services so you can be certain you’re in the best hands. To find out more about treatment options available at this medical day spa, get in touch by calling the office or filling out the online contact form right now.