You’ve heard about dermal fillers before, or maybe you’ve even tried them out. However, there are a lot of dermal fillers available, even within the same brand—so how do you know you’re getting matched with the right dermal filler for the look you want to achieve? It’s easy, just schedule a complimentary consultation with VIDA. This medspa is more than your regular medspa and is home to Medical Director Dr. Glen Jarosz, who has personally trained every staff member to his high standards. The injectors at VIDA include Dr. Kim Thompson and Julie Miller, RN, and Dr. Jarosz performs treatments as well.

When it comes to ingredients in dermal fillers, there are two primary types. Most dermal fillers use hyaluronic acid (HA), which the body naturally produces. Using materials that are already present in the body is essential to minimizing the small risk of side effects. HA can be injected just about anywhere it’s desired including the lips, cheeks, below the eyes, along the jawline, and even on the tops of the hands. HA provides immediate results that can last up to 18 months depending on the type of dermal filler and the amount of the injection.

Benefits of HA Fillers

Most clients opt for HA fillers because they want stunning results fast. You can expect some minor swelling and possibly light bruising after the injection, so if you’re thinking about dermal fillers for a special event it’s imperative to plan ahead. First-time dermal filler users should schedule injections four weeks prior to events or planned photographs to ensure they achieve the results they want on that special day.

You might also be wondering why there are so many types of dermal fillers if most use HA. This comes down to the processing and manufacturing of the HA used in the product. Some dermal fillers process HA in a way that makes the molecules more spherical, which can lead to a smoother appearance in key areas. Different HA fillers are also designed for different parts of the face or hands. For example, you might use one HA dermal filler to get that perfect pout but another one to contour the jawline.

A reputable esthetician who is CAE-certified will work with you to determine the look you want—and how long you want it to last. That’s another factor with HA dermal fillers. Some are designed to last just around six months, allowing you to test out a new look before committing. Others can last over a year. There are a lot of factors to think about when considering dermal fillers, and working with a leading medical spa is the best way to get the results you deserve.

Non-HA Dermal Fillers

There are also some dermal fillers that do not use HA. Instead, these dermal fillers use synthetic versions of other types of acids in the body. However, these acids do not provide immediate results. Instead, these injections are designed to encourage the body to produce collagen at the injection site. Collagen is our natural fountain of youth, but we produce less as we age—but that doesn’t mean the body is incapable of producing collagen. Non-HA dermal fillers kick-start collagen production exactly where you want it, but keep in mind that this process takes time.

Clients typically start to see results from these types of dermal fillers about one month after the injection with full results at about six months. Every day, you’ll notice subtle improvements. Clients who prefer these types of injections care about an all-natural process and results. Plus, the effects last for up to two years on average, making non-HA fillers a kind of semi-permanent solution to lost volume.

Are Dermal Fillers for You?

Whether you want to restore volume lost due to age or want to give yourself the volume you always wished you had, dermal fillers can make it happen. Bear in mind that the skill of the injector is just as important as getting matched with the right dermal filler. To get gorgeous results that you’ll love, schedule a complimentary consultation with VIDA today by completing the online form or by calling (503) 399-0021.