There was a time when getting a tattoo meant it was forever, but those days are (thankfully) long gone. VIDA offers tattoo removal using only the safest and most effective MedLite C6 laser. In recent weeks, demand for tattoo removal has been spiking as many of us have taken time to reflect on our lives, goals, and who we want to be once the “new normal” is behind us. This has led to many questioning the motive and decisions behind their ink and taking action to undo the past.

There are many reasons to opt for tattoo removal. Some clients have simply outgrown them and consider those years-old tattoos an annoyance. Others are embarrassed by the subpar “art” and want to make room for new, beautiful ink. No matter your reason for considering tattoo removal, know that (just like a tattoo) the machine and expertise of the professional handling the treatment makes all the difference.

Not All Tattoo Removals are Equal

There are various lasers available for tattoo removal, but the MedLite C6 is the best and the only technology recommended by VIDA. This laser features cutting-edge technology that was designed exclusively to remove unwanted tattoo ink. It shoots fast, short energy pulses to the target area. That light energy “vibrates” in order to break up the ink, which is then turned into tiny particles that your body can naturally eliminate. This isn’t a laser that was meant for treating lines and wrinkles then had “tattoo removal” tacked onto it. This machine was meant for removing tattoos.

Every tattoo removal is different because there are so many varying factors. The age of the ink, depth, colors, and your body’s reaction to tattoo removal all come into play. You can expect multiple sessions for any tattoo removal with the ink fading more each time. Some colors are tougher to break up than others, while colors like black are often the easiest. To better understand if you’re a good candidate and how many sessions are recommended, schedule a complimentary consultation at VIDA today by calling (503) 399-0021.