Tattoos don’t have to be forever, and if you’re interested in undoing your ink there are two key factors: the tool used for the tattoo removal and the skill of the provider. VIDA Aesthetic Medicine exclusively uses the MedLite C6 for tattoo removals, which is the most effective option for removing even the most challenging tattoo ink. No matter the reason for wanting your tattoo gone, there’s a good chance that your tattoo can be lightened or even removed completely.

The early days of tattoo removal involved scraping the tattoo with dermabrasion or a scalpel—which was painful and resulted in scarring. We’ve come a long way, and today’s MedLite C6 laser offers no scarring, minimal discomfort, and big improvements in the lightening of the tattoo. MedLite C6 can also be used to treat scarring from previous tattoo removal attempts.

Tattoo Removal Basics

The MedLite C6 operates at multiple wavelengths using a photoacoustic technology that pinpoints and breaks up tattoo ink. Photoacoustic refers to a type of Q-switched laser that ensures intense energy beams with shorter pulses. Quick pulses at 5 – 20 nanosecond intervals lets the laser get to the tattoo pigment at both the top layer of skin and deeper subcutaneous layer. The “flat-top” light beam ensures the laser is evenly distributed.

MedLite C6 is known to be the best tattoo remover available. It’s aggressive with tattoo ink while being safe for surrounding skin tissue. Other laser tattoo technologies aren’t effective or safe for all skin types, but the MedLite C6 can be used on any skin tone and is effective with all ink colors (unlike older treatments that could only remove certain colors). However, colors like blue, yellow, and white remain more challenging to remove and may require additional sessions. The depth of the tattoo also plays a role in determining your customized tattoo removal approach.

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