It’s not too late to get baby smooth skin in time for summer vacations and swimsuit season. At VIDA, we offer two options for laser hair reduction: the Sciton Profile 1064nm and broadband light (BBL) therapy. Having these two lasers available ensures we can treat clients of any skin tone and type, including those with melanin-rich skin. During your complimentary consultation, we can discuss which option is best for you and your needs.

Laser hair reduction is quick, comfortable, and fits into even the busiest of schedules. However, you do need to prepare the treatment area for your series of laser treatments. Most clients require 4 – 6 initial treatments in order to achieve optimal results. Appointments are spaced a few weeks apart because the hair growth cycle must be followed. Only visible hair can be treated with lasers, so time is needed to ensure all hairs and follicles are exposed to laser hair reduction treatment. Here’s how you can get the best results and prepare yourself.

Say Goodbye to Tweezing and Waxing

These two types of hair reduction options completely get rid of the hair at the follicle. This gives you more time before hair is visible again, but the follicle must be intact for laser hair reduction to work. Also avoid any hair removal creams, threading, or other hair removal method that addresses the follicle. The only hair removal allowed when you are getting ready for or undergoing laser hair reduction is shaving—and in fact, shaving is needed before each session because it will make the treatments even more tolerable for you.

Shaving—at the right moment—can be an important part of a successful laser hair reduction treatment. Ideally, you should shave 24 – 48 hours before your appointment. This will allow some hair growth. Since the laser targets the hair root, some amount of hair present will be helpful. However, if you happen to shave right before your appointment or go longer between shaving, it’s still okay. Laser hair reduction can still be effective.

Skip the Sun and Tanning Treatments

It’s important to avoid the sun before and after any laser treatment, including laser hair reduction. In fact, you may not be a suitable candidate if you have a current sunburn or drastic tan. Faux tans are also an issue, as the products used can interfere with the laser and results. Ideally, you want to have a contrast between your skin tone and hair color. Tans, whether real or fake, are going to reduce that contrast. Keep in mind that the lasers are “looking” for pigment in the skin, which is usually found in a hair follicle. If the laser can’t “tell” the difference in color between your skin and the hair follicle, it can’t do its job.

If you have a lingering faux tan, you can speed up the process of removing it via exfoliation. Mild exfoliation, such as what you can achieve in the shower with a mitt, is ideal for this. When you do exfoliate, do so first without applying any soap or body washes to the skin—the goal of exfoliation is to create friction, which soaps can negate. There are also special products created to help you get rid of self-tanner.

Exfoliation and Ingrown Hairs

Just like with shaving, it’s best to exfoliate 24 – 48 hours before your laser hair reduction appointment. Go gentle so you don’t have irritation or sensitivity. A medical-grade mild exfoliant made with salicylic acid is a great choice. You can also ask for recommendations from our skin care team, as we have a wide range of options in our shop.

Getting rid of ingrown hairs and bumps is also a good idea before your treatment. For ingrown hairs, our team can help. There are products and solutions available, especially if these bumps are new to you after stopping waxing appointments to prepare for laser hair reduction.

For more information on getting ready for laser hair reduction or to schedule your complimentary consult or appointment, get in touch with VIDA today. Give us a call or complete the online contact form now.