You’ve probably heard of DiamondGlow if you haven’t experienced it yourself yet. It’s one of the most-requested treatments at VIDA and beloved by celebrities around the globe—but what exactly is it? DiamondGlow is a three-step process that’s much more than a facial. This treatment features 3X1 Technology that exfoliates, extracts, and infuses skin with handpicked topicals in quick concession. It takes less than 30 minutes to get the glow that celebrities like Chrissy Teigen swear by.

Exfoliation is one of the key steps in any skin care regimen, but it can be difficult to get right. Too light and it doesn’t get the job done, which means debris and dead skin cells remain on the skin’s surface. This leads to a dull complexion, poor texture, and can even trap the bacteria that can cause breakouts. If exfoliation is too aggressive, it can cause serious damage to the skin. There are some medical-grade products that can offer occasional, quality at-home exfoliation, but if you want a safe and effective treatment it’s important to exclusively work with your expert VIDA provider.

The Diamond Experience

There are many tools for exfoliation, and they aren’t all created equally. Crushed diamonds make for a fantastic exfoliation tool, which is why the handheld DiamondGlow device is tipped with these precious gems. Exfoliation is the first step in extraction, or the removal of debris from pores. When your pores become home to dead skin cells, makeup, sunscreen, and pollutants, they enlarge and become part of an aesthetic that isn’t pleasing. As Teigen posted on social media following one of her DiamondGlow treatments, “It’s sucking out all the grossness [sic] I can feel it pulling it out.”

However, it’s not the diamond tip that undertakes “pore purging,” but rather a complementary tip used during the treatment. This little vacuum does a quick and effective job of cleansing out the pores, instantly making them appear smaller. It’s critical that skin is exfoliated and pores are cleansed before the final stage of DiamondGlow takes place: infusion. During this stage, the diamond tip is once again used because it does a great job of truly immersing the medical-grade topicals into the skin. These products are powerful and can improve skin dramatically regardless of how they are applied, but with the diamond tip they are truly immersed into the skin at ideal depths.

Should You Get a DiamondGlow?

You’ve never experienced a treatment like this before. The typical “facial” is often comprised of simply cleansing and applying topical treatments. DiamondGlow goes further, optimizing skin prep so your skin can actually receive the full benefits of topical treatments. It’s fast and so gentle that you can schedule routine DiamondGlow treatments every 4 – 6 weeks to keep that glow. Alternatively, some clients opt for DiamondGlow the day before a big event. Some minor pinkness is common right after the treatment, but this dissipates in just a few hours.

Plus, the benefits of DiamondGlow don’t stop during your appointment. Exfoliation reveals those newer skin cells below the surface that are more youthful, bright, and radiant. The topicals selected for you offer benefits that continue to improve skin appearance for days and weeks post-treatment. You enjoy results that are both immediate and cumulative. Right after your treatment, you’ll notice that your skin is softer, smoother, suppler, and more vibrant.

Get Your Glow On

We have six different diamond tips so that every session is customized for you and your skin’s type and texture. DiamondGlow treatments exclusively pair with SkinMedica Pro-Infusion Serums, a medical-grade line that is renowned for its science-backing and results. Only medical-grade products can legally have the strongest ingredients in the highest concentrations. Anything less than medical-grade simply isn’t going to give you the results you deserve.

Are you ready to experience DiamondGlow for yourself and see what all the rave reviews are about? Welcome 2022 looking and feeling your best with the three-step process to flawless skin. DiamondGlow treatments also make for great outings with friends, pre-date night preparation, or as a bonding session with your teenager. Contact VIDA today to schedule a complimentary consultation to learn more, or simply book your appointment right now by calling the office or completing the online form.