VIDA is more than a medical day spa. Led by Medical Director Dr. Glen Jarosz, who personally trains the entire staff of CAEs, we are committed to providing clients with the most decadent treatments that promise results as good as they feel. This includes DiamondGlow, a revolutionary new procedure that puts past facials to shame. It has some similarities to the HydraFacial, but a big difference is that it uses a genuine diamond tip for better exfoliation and pore-clearing.

DiamondGlow is the latest generation of skin resurfacing, featuring 3X1 Technology that expertly removes dead skin cells and impurities so that the skin can be best infused with medical-grade SkinMedica products like Pro-Infusion Serum. The three-step process (exfoliation, extraction, and infusion) leaves your skin renewed, brighter, and silky smooth. Plus, every DiamondGlow experience is different because the SkinMedica products used for the grand finale are always hand-selected by CAEs to treat your current skin concerns in the journey to reaching your goals.

Why Exfoliate?

Exfoliation can be a critical part of our skin care regimen, especially as we get older and our skin gets thicker (conversely, well into our golden years, our skin becomes thin once again). However, there’s truth to “too much of a good thing.” Exfoliating at home with OTC products can be pointless at best and damage your skin at worst. Routine, in-office exfoliation is the key to revealing newer, more youthful skin cells below the surface. Exfoliations naturally make skin more radiant when the dead skin cells are removed from the surface.

Dead skin cells and plugged pores also create a barricade that prevents medical-grade products to work as well as they could. A DiamondGlow treatment “opens up” the skin, allowing the products optimal penetration—and that means optimal results. Of course, it’s always better to use medical-grade products no matter the current condition of your skin, but why not take it to the next level and make sure they have the foundation necessary to really perform? Diamonds can help.

DiamondGlow for Better Skin

There are a few 3-step treatments available, but we exclusively offer DiamondGlow because the real diamond tip makes a world of difference. There are also a number of different diamond tips available for this treatment, and your CAE will choose the right one for you based on your skin texture and type. When the handheld device is fully personalized for your needs, the next step is working with your CAE to select the SkinMedica serums.

SkinMedica is one of the top-rated medical-grade skin care line available. There are products to clarify the skin, address dullness, infuse with hydration, addressing aging and hyperpigmentation issues, and much more. DiamondGlow is wholly individualized, so no two treatments are the same—even for the same client. Our skin is the biggest organ we have, and it (and its needs) are always changing. With DiamondGlow you can keep up with your skin’s needs so you can look and feel your best.

What to Expect with DiamondGlow

The DiamondGlow 3X1 Technology ensures that every part of the treatment is happening in quick succession. This is how we can make such a difference in your skin during your lunch break. Instead of an exfoliation followed by extraction and infusion, which is typical of most facials, DiamondGlow does all three so quickly that there’s no time for the skin’s quality to “lapse” in between these different steps.

DiamondGlow is effective a gamma of skin woes, including stubborn issues like melasma and acne/acne scarring. There are over 3,000 unique skin conditions, so it can be a challenge to take them on with at-home regimens alone. DiamondGlow is a luxe in-office treatment to help you achieve your best skin yet.

There is no downtime for DiamondGlow, and in fact, right after treatment, you’ll see great results. These results will continue to improve in the days following as skin cells rejuvenate. This is the real go and glow experience, and results continue to shine for 4 – 6 weeks after the procedure. Maintenance sessions scheduled every few weeks can sustain results. If you’d like to know more, book a complimentary consultation at VIDA by calling the office or completing the online contact form.