The vast majority of lip fillers are comprised of hyaluronic acid (HA), which is already found naturally in the body. These types of lip fillers can be dissolved, but the process can be painful and the results subpar. If you want to make sure you love your lip fillers, it’s pretty simple: only trust a Salem MediSpa that is led by an MD and where injectors are strictly MDs or RNs. The number-one reason people want to dissolve their lip fillers is because of a botched job. At VIDA, we educate and orient clients to ensure they will love their lip filler choice, thus minimizing the situation in which they look to dissolve them.

All of the most well-known lip fillers such as Juvederm, Volbella, and Restylane Kysse are made with HA. This sugar is capable of sucking up moisture and hold onto it for quite some time—that’s what makes it such a great lip filler. It also means it can be dissolved, usually by using a substance like hyaluronidase. This is an enzyme whose job it is to break down HA. Similar to getting that initial lip filler, you might experience swelling for a few days after getting lip fillers dissolved. However, many clients say it is much more uncomfortable to get lip fillers dissolved than to get them injected.

Lip Fillers You’ll Love

We already know why most people get lip fillers dissolved (a botched job) and why this happened (not seeking out a MediSpa). But what exactly is a botched job? It doesn’t necessarily need to look that outlandish. A botched job is any result that is not in keeping with what you wanted and asked for. Trout pout, duck lips, and just a fake look are all common lip filler results capable of occurring when you don’t have MDs and RNs as your injectors.

MDs and RNs know how each type of dermal filler behaves. They can ensure the filler doesn’t “migrate” after the injection. HA has a tendency to spread, and that can be a good thing for some areas. However, for the lips, it can lead to undesired results. A reputable injector will match patients with the right lip filler for them, and the professional’s skill ensures that the lip filler stays exactly where it should. Otherwise, you risk having lip fillers spread beyond their boundaries, and when this happens with the upper lip it can especially cause a very fake look.

The Changing Trends of Lip Fillers

A “botched” job might also entail bumps that form after an injection. These bumps are relatively common and a skilled injector can massage them away. However, an inexperienced injector might not spot them or know how to address them. If those bumps are allowed to linger, they often don’t go away until the filler wears out naturally months later. Not only does it look terrible, it can also feel uncomfortable. In some severe cases, infections can even occur with unqualified injectors.

Today, there is a trend toward lips that are still full but not nearly as faux as they used to be. Natural looks are in, but just like so-called “natural” makeup that doesn’t mean you aren’t getting a little help. MediSpas in Salem can give you the lip filler look you want and work with you as your tastes and aesthetics change.

How to Avoid the Desire to Dissolve

If you love the look of fuller lips, exclusively trust your treatment to a Salem MediSpa with RN and MD injectors. In addition to the pain, time, and risk associated with botched lip fillers and dissolvers, bear in mind that you’ll also need to pay to get lip fillers dissolved. Prices vary, but are often over $1,000. There are no refunds on lip fillers regardless of which clinic you go to, making it a financial risk if you take a chance on a subpar injector.

Worse, the dissolver doesn’t discern between the HA that’s been injected into your lips and your natural HA. In other words, it’s going to dissolve all the HA that it can find in the injected area. You will likely experience indentations, more lines, and sagginess in the lips if you get lip fillers dissolved. This means those unhappy with lip fillers are forced to decide between riding out a botched job or risking lips that look much worse than even before they got fillers.

Avoid this tough decision altogether and choose a MediSpa in Salem for your lip fillers. You can schedule a complimentary consultation with VIDA right now by completing the online form or calling the office.