Both men and women spend over an entire month of their lives removing hair—or at least trying to. That’s 24 hours per day, seven days per week, for more than a month. What would you do with an extra 30 – 40 days of your life? Now you can find out with laser hair reduction at VIDA! We offer the Sciton Profile for 1064nm and broadband light (BBL) hair reduction therapy so that you can reclaim more of your time, spend much less on razors and waxing, and show off sleek, smooth skin this summer.

It’s important to note that laser hair reduction is just that, a reduction in hair growth. Some clients experience near-total hair reduction while others find that treatments cut their hair growth by 50%, 60%, or another percentage. There’s no way to guarantee how dramatic your hair reduction will be when using any laser option because every person is different. Those with fairer skin and darker hair tend to get the best results, but at VIDA we offer options for clients with all skin tones and hair colors. No matter what skin tone and hair combination you have, we can help you severely reduce the amount of hair you grow.

Why Can’t Lasers Remove Hair?

There is only one way to permanently* remove all hair, and that is with electrolysis. However, this process is incredibly time consuming, painful, and expensive. To use electrolysis on the armpits, for example, it is not uncommon to have two-hour appointments every two weeks for one year. This will easily add up to several thousand dollars and can also cause scarring (sometimes permanent). Ultimately, you’re not going to save time or money if you opt for electrolysis.

Electrolysis is permanent because it fully destroys the hair follicle. This requires a tiny tool (similar to a needle) to be inserted in every individual hair follicle. As you can imagine, this takes a lot of time. Plus, hair grows in cycles. Electrolysis requires a hair to be long enough to be plucked in order to be effective, but hairs that aren’t growing at that moment might not appear until about three months later. Some people grow multiple hairs in single follicles, which makes the process take even longer.

This is why VIDA only offers and recommends laser hair reduction to minimize hair growth. The process is fast, easy, and relatively comfortable. Numbing agents can be applied prior to the treatment for those with sensitive skin. Depending on the area being treated, a laser hair reduction session can last as little as 15 minutes. It is still necessary to treat hairs as they grow in their natural cycles, so undergoing a few sessions (typically 3 – 6) is often recommended for every treated site.

What to Expect from Laser Hair Reduction

The lasers themselves can quickly cover large areas. Most clients say Sciton’s and BBL options feel like the snap of a rubber band, but other clients feel virtually nothing at all. There is no downtime from laser hair reduction, though the skin might look a little pink for a couple of days. There is also no aftercare. You can immediately get back to your day and could even schedule laser hair reduction as a lunchtime procedure.

With every laser hair reduction treatment you can expect to spend less time with your typical hair removal routine. Within a few months, you’ll start to notice fewer hairs and you’ll likely be shaving less. You can start canceling those waxing and sugaring appointments and will notice that you need to pluck less and less. What you do with all of that spare time is up to you, but right now is the ideal time to start laser hair reduction sessions. Summer is right around the corner, the world is opening back up, and you deserve to embrace skin that is smooth and easy to care for.

Start Laser Hair Reduction Today

A consultation is required for laser hair reduction so we can match you to the best treatment for your skin and hair. You’ll start to notice some improvement after the first session, with improvements getting better and better with every treatment. Schedule your laser hair reduction consultation with VIDA today by calling the office at (503) 399-0021 or completing the online form.