Over 1.5 million laser hair reduction treatments were performed last year, and at VIDA only the best technology is used to reduce unwanted hair. Sciton hair reduction lasers are the most advanced laser and light technology in the aesthetic market. The company has more than a decade of experience, making them the gold standard in laser hair reduction. Both performance and technical leaders, Sciton products feature unrivaled speed and efficacy.

Today, there is a large suite of Sciton technologies available for hair reduction including ClearScan ALX, ClearHair, BBL, and Forever Bare BBL. Sciton is one of the few companies that promises permanent hair reduction. Unwanted hair can be embarrassing, time-consuming to temporarily remove, and expensive in the long run—especially with razors getting increasingly expensive. One razor, the Zafirro, once sold for an incredible $100,000. Both men and women spend an average of over one complete month of their life shaving, waxing, or otherwise engaging in temporary and short-term hair removal. Sciton products are designed to change lives.

Exploring the BBL Line

Sciton’s BBL and Forever Bare BBL are the two most popular hair reduction technologies. BBL, also known as broadband light therapy, is the most powerful IPL (intense pulsed light) device in the world. It created a new standard for hair reduction and other skin concerns including the removal of age spots, freckles, acne scarring, lax skin, rosacea symptoms, and small blood vessels. BBL allows your provider to customize each treatment plan specifically for your needs and goals.

Forever Bare BBL directs multiple low-fluence pulses at a high repetition rate, making it the safest, quickest, most comfortable and efficacious laser hair removal device on the market. Heating of the hair follicles is even thanks to the revolutionary technology, reducing the risks of “missed” areas that is typical with other hair reduction technologies. A thermo-electrically cooled plate provides non-stop cooling for maximum comfort during the treatment, even when the device is at full power. Forever Bare BBL is designed for nearly all skin types and tones, unlike other limited devices.

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