Acne doesn’t end in high school, yet the myth persists that breakouts are a rite of passage reserved for teenagers. Hormones are a big trigger for acne, which is why many teens struggle with it, but it’s not uncommon for adults to continue to have breakouts their entire lives. Acne can peak during certain times of a person’s life, such as pregnancy or menopause, but ultimately this is a diagnosable skin condition that deserves treatment. Acne can be painful—physically, mentally, and emotionally—which is why at VIDA we offer a variety of treatments to get acne under control once and for all. Summer is prime season for acne breakouts to occur thanks to increased oily skin and sweating, but we have all the technologies and treatments you need for a clear-skin summer.

Acne: Seeing the Light

Broadband light (BBL) therapy, the second generation of intense-pulsed light (IPL) therapy, is an excellent solution for many struggling with acne. Although it is often considered part of the laser family, BBL is a light-based therapy that uses light to stop a variety of skin conditions—including acne. It is also a popular treatment for removing hyperpigmentation, which is a common lingering sign of acne. In fact, both BBL and IPL are favorites for treating a myriad of skin conditions ranging form laxity to lines and wrinkles. It is quick, easy, and requires minimal downtime because it doesn’t harm the tissue surrounding the treatment site. In most cases, a series of 4 – 6 initial treatments are recommended for optimal results, followed by maintenance sessions every few months.

A ”light” chemical peel, also known as a superficial peel, can be effective for treating mild to moderate acne as well as signs of old breakouts. Chemical peels work in two manners. First, they remove the top layer of skin via a concoction of chemicals. This is often enough to get rid of lingering signs of many breakouts such as redness, brown spots, and light scarring. Next, it is a form of collagen induction therapy. This means a light peel “tells” your body to increase collagen production at the treatment site, which helps with healing but also makes skin look younger and healthier.

More Acne Options

In some cases, a medium-depth peel may be best to combat simply because it penetrates deeper and removes more layers of skin. At VIDA, where all estheticians are led by Medical Director Dr. Kim Thompson and hold their CAE, we exclusively offer a range of the best, safest, and most effective peels. Medium-depth peels may be suitable for more aggressive breakouts and can also help to lighten more severe signs of old breakouts.

You can also combine a light peel with microdermabrasion. Known as the Microderm-Peel, this process is a hybrid that uses a tip made of genuine crushed diamonds. It works by removing dead and damaged cells from the skin’s surface, which can harbor bacteria that causes acne, with zero irritation. Next, a superficial peel is applied so you can double down on treatments. A PCA peel is often recommended with microdermabrasion, which is a fantastic solution for encouraging skin cell turnover. However, the exact peel for you will be discussed during your complimentary consultation.

Ready to Say Goodbye to Acne?

Microneedling, a form of collagen induction therapy, can also be a great solution for acne. This process creates controlled micro-channels in the skin that kick-start the body’s natural healing process. It is great for addressing lingering signs of acne like craters and pits, but should not be used with active breakouts that have open lesions present. Instead, microneedling is an option for erasing signs of old breakouts and helping to prevent new ones.

If you’re ready to get rid of your acne this summer, contact VIDA today to schedule your complimentary consultation with one of our skin care experts. Options are available, and together we can create the ultimate regimen so you can get clean, clear, healthy skin. Get in touch today by calling the office or, for the quickest response, simply fill out the online form now.