Having a choice of dermal fillers means you’ll get the customized experience you deserve. That’s why at VIDA we offer a wide range of options including Restylane, an injectable filler for those who prioritize a natural youthful look. Most dermal fillers are made of synthetic hyaluronic acid (HA), including the Restylane family, but there are subtle differences in the composition and makeup that make each option unique. Restylane both adds volume and fullness while hydrating the skin and amplifying elasticity.

Restylane Vital is just for wrinkles, lines, and folds around the lips and nose. This is where you will often see the first signs of aging, also known as marionette lines. Restylane Defyne is for more severe facial wrinkles and folds. Many clients love Restylane for its organic-looking results—and its ability to last longer than many other HA fillers. Depending on your body, how many vials are used, and the injection site, Restylane products can last up to 18 months on average. This is because it’s created to dissolve slowly and evenly over time while releasing HA, which in turn encourages cells to produce more water (more volume) while stimulating collagen synthesis.

A Great Kysse

There’s also Restylane Kysse, which was created specifically as a lip plumper. Many people were first introduced to dermal fillers via lip fillers and celebrities who sported this look. This is one trend that isn’t going anywhere because luscious lips are not only beautiful, but they are a sign of youth. However, the results from any dermal filler are only going to be as good as the injector’s skill.

VIDA is much more than a medical day spa, since our injectors are only doctors and RNs. Estheticians do not handle injections. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that medical experts are handling your injections. You can also combine a lip flip with Restylane Kysse if you’re concerned about a gummy smile. A lip flip uses very small amounts of Botox injected along the upper lip line to lower the upper smile and provide the appearance of lip fullness. However, lip flips are only available for the upper lip, so if you want to increase overall volume, then Restylane Kysse is a great choice. It has been developed to bind with natural lip cells to sustain your natural shape and lip movement.

Other Options for Fillers

Restylane is just one filler family to consider if you’re looking to restore volume lost over time or create volume where you want it. Gone are the days when fillers were only created for a single site. Instead, today’s skilled injectors take a more holistic approach to fillers. You can have fillers injected nearly anywhere on the face and even on the tops of the hands—and we have all of the fillers you need to make this happen. Fillers on the jawline can define it, turn back the clock, and help you look younger. Fillers in the cheeks can restore the “apples” fallen with age and increase femininity.

Chin augmentation via fillers is gaining in popularity and can address a “weak chin.” Dermal fillers under the eyes can fill in hollowness common with age and is a very delicate area that should only be handled by a medical professional. It’s also common to inject fillers in the temples where volume is typically lost. Overall, fillers can create or restore symmetry and help you look years younger.

The Right Filler for You

How do you know which filler is right for you? It all starts with a complimentary consultation where we can discuss your goals. Combining fillers is very common, including combining different filler families. Complementing the procedure with Botox can also be helpful since fillers and Botox work very differently. Botox can “freeze” lines and wrinkles rather than fill them, which is necessary for areas like between the brows and on the forehead.

Bear in mind that fillers and Botox don’t actually affect the quality of the skin, such as poor texture or hyperpigmentation. You may want to add a peel or laser skin rejuvenation for these concerns. Get in touch with our team today to schedule your consultation or appointment to look your best in 2023. Give us a call or, for the quickest response, complete the online VIDA contact form now.