When we think about aging, the first thing that comes to mind are wrinkles (even though that’s just one of many signs of aging!). VIDA Aesthetic Medicine is much more than a medispa, specializing in wrinkle prevention and treatments performed by highly trained professionals with plenty of certifications. Led by our Medical Director, Dr. Glen Jarosz, every member of our staff is personally trained by Dr. Glen. Along with VIDA injectors, we offer you a comprehensive suite of options to keep you looking your best no matter what life brings your way.

It’s no surprise that the past year has caused a few more wrinkles than you may have expected. Lines and wrinkles are caused by two primary factors: chronic muscle contractions (from smiling to furrowing the brow) and natural skin laxity that comes with a lack of collagen and elastin synthesis. The good news is that both of these wrinkle causes can be controlled. It’s never too late to get wrinkles in check, but the earlier you begin the easier it is to keep them at bay.

Stopping Unwanted Muscle Movement

You are probably familiar with Botox and other neuromodulators, like Dysport, even if you’ve never used them yourself. All neuromodulators work the same way, temporarily “freezing” specific small muscles so that you can’t create furrows and lines. Popular injection sites include between the brows, around the eyes, and near the mouth. The expertise of the injector is critical to ensure a natural look. Even though neuromodulators wear off in 3 – 5 months, you still want and deserve to have beautiful results you’ll love during that timeframe.

Increasingly, younger clients are seeking out neuromodulators as a preventative measure. You might start to notice very fine lines even in your early twenties, usually at the outer corners of the eyes or between the eyebrows. Your early twenties are a great time to start “training” muscles not to create these lines, which can be achieved with a neuromodulator like Botox. The muscles that create these wrinkles are just like every other muscle in your body. The more they get “worked out,” the stronger and more defined they will get. Muscle atrophy can be a good thing when you’re talking about wrinkle prevention. Similar to anything else, it’s always better and easier to prevent an issue rather than to treat it.

Skin Laxity and Wrinkles

The other primary cause of wrinkles is simply skin laxity. Everyone produces different amounts of collagen at different points in their life, but we all synthesize less of it as we get older. Collagen is the natural protein that keeps our skin supple and taut. As we get older, a lack of collagen along with gravity and sun damage all contribute to skin that just isn’t as tight as it used to be. A minimal amount of skin laxity can simply look like poor texture and subtle sagging. Severe skin laxity can cause jowls and more obvious creases (which is typically seen in older patients).

The good news is that skin can be tightened non-surgically and you can direct your body to create more collagen. There are a number of treatments that achieve this, including laser and light rejuvenation therapy, chemical peels, and microneedling. Again, the earlier you start with these procedures the better, but anyone of any age can benefit from skin tightening and collagen induction therapy.

Why Wrinkles Matter

Simply put, wrinkles give away your age and make you look more tired than you are. The former can be important because—for men and women alike—perceived youthfulness has been linked to a more successful career, more opportunities and job promotions, and more self-confidence. When you look good you feel good, and that’s guaranteed to spill over into every other part of your life.

Nobody needs or wants to look more tired than they are, but unfortunately, most of us have seemingly aged a decade since the pandemic started. Addressing lines and wrinkles can play a big role in how we’re perceived by others and how we see ourselves. Treatments for lines and wrinkles won’t necessarily make you look 25 years old forever, but they can be fantastic tools for aging in a manner that you love and reflects who you really are.

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