The terms Botox and dermal fillers are known to many, and have been for many years. These two treatments are also the most popular at VIDA, where we offer a wide range of dermal fillers from the most reputable manufacturers. However, if you’ve never tried Botox or fillers before, you might wonder why they’re so in-demand—and the answers might surprise you. There’s a lot more to Botox than warding of wrinkles, and also much more to dermal fillers than getting that perfect pout.

Botox and its contemporaries, such as Dysport, can temporarily “freeze” targeted muscles to stop them from moving. These muscles are the ones that create unwanted frown lines and wrinkles for the most part, such as the wrinkles in the glabellar region known as the “angry elevens.” However, Botox can also be used for a myriad of other goals, including younger clients who use it to weaken the muscles that cause wrinkles. Let’s take a look at everything Botox can do.

Botox as Preventative Care

Most people in their late teens and early twenties don’t have wrinkles, but they can easily see where future wrinkles will occur. Some wrinkles are created by repetitive movements, such as furrowing the brow, squinting, or frowning. It’s impossible to be vigilant and keep ourselves from making these expressions, nor do we want to consciously stop ourselves from being naturally expressive. For clients in their mid-twenties and younger, Botox is being used as a preventive tool to weaken certain muscles.

The muscles in your face that cause wrinkles work the same way your biceps do. The more they get used, the stronger and more pronounced they become. Botox can teach muscles to be weaker, or to atrophy, by routinely paralyzing them with Botox. The end result, especially for younger patients, is that wrinkles simply won’t occur as early or as severely as they otherwise would—since these muscles have been carefully taught not to create them.

Botox is also regularly used as preventative care for migraines. If you suffer from migraines, you know how debilitating they can be. You may also be looking for alternative treatment options to medications, since even over the counter pain killers have been linked to serious issues such as liver damage when used long-term. Botox can be a very effective method to prevent migraines with simple injections. We’re happy to talk more with you if you’re interested in Botox to keep headaches in check.

Finally, in terms of preventative care, Botox is also a popular option for treating excessive sweating. Although Botox is usually injected in the face, it can technically be injected just about anywhere. Excessive sweating is embarrassing, it can ruin clothes, and it can also ruin relationships. Routine Botox injections can keep that perspiration in check.

Want to know the best part about Botox, no matter what you’re treating? Results are quick, with full results often revealed in one week or less. However, dermal filler results are even quicker.

Why Dermal Fillers?

Most dermal fillers are made using hyaluronic acid (HA), which already occurs in the body. These fillers can be placed just about anywhere in the face, as well as the tops of the hands, in order to restore or create volume. The lips are, of course, a popular site, but so are the cheeks, jawline, and below the eyes. It’s not just wrinkles that make us look older, but also the loss of that “good fat” on the face and tops of the hands.

There are many different fillers from a number of trusted companies. Each is designed for a specific site(s) and last different lengths of time, from a few months to up to two years. One of the best benefits of dermal fillers is that most offer immediate results, although some light swelling and bruising may occur after your injections, so if you’re getting fillers for a special event it’s best to schedule your treatment one week in advance.

Since most fillers are made with HA, there is very little chance of the body rejecting it. Fillers can help you try out a new look, see if a more permanent solution might be for you in the future (such as fat grafting), and can turn back the clock by several years. Consultations for all aesthetic treatments are always complimentary at VIDA, so why not learn more about Botox and fillers today? Fill out the online form or call our office at (503) 399-0021.