What exactly is a medical day spa? It’s a term sometimes attributed to VIDA, but we are so much more than what the typical medspa entails. VIDA is led by Medical Director Dr. Glen Jarosz, who personally trains the entire staff to the highest of standards. Former Medical Director Dr. Kim Thompson is also on staff and performs injections alongside Dr. Glen, Kseniya Trofimchik, RN, and Ashley Stinger, RN. All estheticians at VIDA are CAE, physicians are board-certified, and the numerous certifications of all staff members are evidence that when it comes to medispas, it’s important to look at credentials.

Patient safety and satisfaction are the cornerstones at VIDA. Estheticians do not inject at VIDA, which means that those interested in dermal fillers will exclusively work with doctors and RNs. However, less invasive procedures such as chemical peels and facials are performed by CAEs who are committed to excellence, ongoing training, and providing individualized approaches to every client.

The Secret to Gorgeous Results

No matter which treatment or treatments you’re interested in, it’s just as important to make sure you have the highest-qualified professionals taking care of you as it is getting matched with the right treatment. Application or injection is key to safe and effective results. There’s a reason not just anyone can perform lip injections, CoolSculpting, or other in-office procedures. It requires training, experience, and continuing education to yield the best results.

At VIDA, we are dedicated to helping you take care of your skin—after all, it’s the biggest organ and constantly exposed to damage whether it’s UV rays or bacteria. Healthy, youthful, glowing skin is a sign of health and beauty, and routine cosmetic treatments can help you get and keep your skin healthy. There are a number of non-invasive and minimally-invasive procedures at VIDA such as microneedling, chemical peels, and of course access to medical-grade skin care products that should only be purchased from professionals.

Choosing the Best Medical Spa for You

It can be confusing when some salons call themselves “medical spas” or some iteration of the same when there’s not a single doctor, nurse, or CAE on site. Count on VIDA as your home for all your must-have skin care treatments (and more) that are always administered by professionals. We are proud to serve the Willamette region and beyond, with a number of clients traveling to VIDA from Portland, Southern Oregon, and beyond. The quality of your results is dependent on expert providers who offer only the best solutions for every common issue.

In addition to checking the certifications and qualifications of providers, another excellent tool is before and after galleries as well as third-party reviews. Consider this a sneak peek into what you can expect from your own procedures. Any established clinic that provides fantastic results is going to be quick and happy to show what they can do. Not every before and after photo might be available online (due to patient confidentiality), but you should expect to be able to see a good sampling prior to making your appointment. 

Summer Skin Care

Our skin’s needs and behaviors change with age, stressors, and of course the seasons. Your skin might need something different this time of year than in months past, and summer is a great time to upgrade your skin care routine—both at home and via in-office procedures and treatments. Whether you want to address lines and wrinkles, poor tone and texture, eczema, lost volume, or any other common concern, VIDA is the physician-led clinic that can help you achieve your goals.

We encourage future clients to peruse our reviews and discover just how many options we have for improving your skin and taking your look to the level you want. Although the term medical day spa can be a little confusing, rest assured that when a clinic is led by physicians and only doctors and nurses are handling injections like dermal fillers, you can rest easy knowing you’re in good hands. If you are ready to book your consultation or appointment with VIDA, contact us today by completing the online form (the quickest option) or calling the office.