One of the first cosmetic surgeries people start to consider as they discover signs of aging is a facelift—but that’s a major surgery, with all of the risks that surgery entails. That’s why VIDA offers Ultherapy, an innovative technology that uses the precision of ultrasound to lift, tighten, and tone the lower half of the face and neck without any needles, scalpels, surgery, or downtime. That’s why it’s being called the “no-knife facelift” and it could help you delay your need or desire for a facelift for years.

Ultherapy popularity is on the rise with no signs of stopping—in fact, online searches for Ultherapy have increased 234 percent in the last year. Jennifer Aniston, Bobbi Brown, and other celebrities have also touted its benefits. Ultherapy is considered a lunchtime “tweatment” because it’s so fast and requires no downtime. You can use it on the face and neck, but also on the chest and on the drooping area of the brow. Nothing at all is injected—not even an anesthetic is needed. But what exactly does it do?

How Ultherapy Works

During your appointment, an ultrasound wand is glided over the treatment sites where collagen is lacking. It produces heat via sonic waves that stimulate collagen production. This leads to skin that is tighter and more lifted. However, bear in mind that results aren’t immediate. Ultherapy signals your body to synthesize more collagen, and it takes some time for this to happen. However, a facelift isn’t exactly immediate, either. You’ll need downtime to heal, so when it comes to instant gratification both a facelift and Ultherapy are comparable in regards to how long it takes to see results.

Optimal results typically appear 2 – 3 months after the treatment. This is when all the new collagen is really showing up. You will continue to see improved results for many months afterward. Ultherapy results last an average of one year, and you can always book maintenance appointments to keep those results.

What to Expect with Ultherapy

There are no knives or needles with Ultherapy, but still clients want to know if it’s painful. There are elements of Ultherapy that could be described as uncomfortable, similar to some laser skin rejuvenation treatments. After all, it is using heat to kick-start collagen production. However, comfort levels vary drastically person to person. It also depends on how long your appointment is, which is dictated by treatment areas. A small area might just require 20 minutes while the full face, neck, and chest require around two hours. The treatment site itself is also a factor.

Some clients have compared Ultherapy to a toothache when they have the jawline treated. Others call it a buzzing. Still others say they only notice heat. However, what is true across the board is that Ultherapy is much more comfortable than surgical healing. Plus, topical numbing creams can help for those who are especially sensitive. OTC pain relievers may also be used, and this can be discussed during your complimentary consultation. Of course, if you really want to maximize comfort and results, it will require exclusively trusting a Salem MediSpa with CAEs for your Ultherapy treatment.

Get Ready to Reverse the Clock

There are no age limits for Ultherapy. Some clients as young as in their 20s have opted for Ultherapy as a means of pre-juvenation. Others are in their 50s and better and count on Ultherapy as a permanent way to avoid a facelift. No matter your age, Ultherapy can help you achieve tighter, lifted skin in the areas prone to showing the first signs of aging.

You can also combine Ultherapy with other treatments like microneedling, laser skin rejuvenation, DiamondGlow, chemical peels, and more to enhance the results. Ultherapy works well with many other procedures and can often be combined in the same appointment. Optimal results rarely happen after only one session with one treatment modality, but rather a combination of treatments customized just for you can be the key to success.

If you’re ready to turn back the clock and reclaim more youthful skin, schedule your complimentary Ultherapy consultation today! Contact VIDA by calling the office or complete the online form for the quickest response.