It’s rare that a client gets the exact results they want with a single treatment—though sometimes it does happen. This is why VIDA creates customized treatment plans for each client, never recommending more than what is necessary but regularly combining treatments for a hybrid approach. For example, CoolSculpting is often paired with Ultherapy, chemical peels are fantastic mates with dermaplaning, but there is one particular treatment that plays well with nearly every other treatment: microneedling.

The power of microneedling lies in just how natural and powerful it is. This is not a new technique, although the term “microneedling” is relatively new. It has been around for decades and began rising in popularity under the term microneedling in the 1990s. It’s just what it sounds like: using micro needles to create hundreds of invisible “injuries” in the skin’s surface. This tells the body it needs to produce collagen immediately, and a lot of it, specifically at the “injury” site.

Tap Your Body’s Natural Healing Powers with Microneedling

There is nothing unnatural about microneedling. It exclusively uses the body’s own healing abilities to achieve skin that is clearer, brighter, healthier, and more beautiful. Yes, the treatment is subtle but that’s part of its appeal. It complements and enhances virtually every other treatment. Plus, it also has an added bonus: it helps topical treatments (such as a facial) better access the skin.

Dermaplaning Smooths Skin

If you want the maximum results from a topical treatment, precede it with microneedling and dermaplaning. Dermaplaning removes the peach fuzz and debris from the skin’s surface. Microneedling provides a series of tiny “channels” in the skin so a topical treatment can better penetrate the surface. It’s no wonder that microneedling is routinely asked for with many other treatments.

Most clients consider microneedling a maintenance pampering session they indulge in every couple of months or so. Such a schedule ensures skin that keeps looking better and younger. It’s pain-free, fast, and there’s no downtime. Only MDs and board-certified professionals have access to genuine, medical-grade microneedling devices so schedule your appointment today at VIDA by calling (503) 399-0021.