Acne can be triggered by many things, including the summer heat. A combination of sweat and humidity is ideal for acne flare-ups, which is why VIDA offers a variety of acne treatments year-round. We are much more than a medical day spa. Led by Medical Director Dr. Kim Thompson, who trains and supervises every member of staff, all estheticians have their CAE and injectors are exclusively RNs or MDs. If you’re starting to see an increase in acne before summer is even in full swing, remember that the quicker you act the sooner you can get acne under control.

Acne is not relegated to “just” the face (in the summer or any other time of year). It can happen on the back and chest, too. It is common to have more breakouts during the summer months, which is part of the reason June is Acne Awareness Month. When there’s more heat and humidity, there’s more sweat and oil production. This means pores are more likely to get clogged, which leads to breakouts. Whether it’s the common comedone acne or painful cystic acne, you also need to look at your current skin care regimen. What worked great in winter months, such as oil-based emollients, is simply too heavy for the summer. A combination of in-office treatments and changing your at-home skin care regimen are a must to get summer acne under control.

Changing Your Routine

It is important to routinely check your skin care regimen, particularly when the seasons change. Summer calls for lighter topicals that are water-based. There are many options for medical-grade products that use hyaluronic acid (HA), which are great for hydrating the skin without risking pore-clogging. A cleanser with salicylic acid can dissolve impurities while a toner can help keep oil in check and pores at a smaller size. An exfoliator with alpha and beta hydroxy acids can also help. Retinol is packed with vitamin A, which helps increase cell turnover and thus decreases the odds of an acne breakout.

How you layer your products matters, and you always want to start with the lightest (such as toner) first. Also, don’t forget your sunscreen when you’re upgrading skin care routines. Sunscreen is a must no matter what, but if you’re prone to acne you want to avoid greasy products. An oil-free medical-grade sunscreen can be a gamechanger. If you’re just now getting back to daily sunscreen usage, also check the expiration date on your current sunscreen. At VIDA, we offer a wide range of medical-grade products for all of your skin care needs. A consultation with one of our experts can help you get your home routine on-track for minimal breakouts. However, for optimal results, you’re still going to need some in-office intervention.

Best Treatments for Breakouts

A broadband light (BBL) therapy series uses light energy to stop active acne in its tracks and even helps undo the damage caused by previous breakouts. BBL is the latest iteration of intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy and requires little to no downtime compared to other types of lasers. You’ll actually see pigmented areas flake away in the days and weeks following the treatment. With BBL, you can tackle two annoying facets of acne at once: active pimples and the hyperpigmentation left from old flare-ups.

A light chemical peel is another fantastic method for stopping acne. It removes the top layer of skin, which means it is removing both mild forms of acne and keeping skin in a cycle so that active breakouts don’t have time to form. Peels also encourage collagen production, which lightens old acne hyperpigmentation and scarring.

For those with more serious remnants of old breakouts, such as scarring or deeper hyperpigmentation, a combination of microneedling and a medium-depth peel may be helpful. Unfortunately, once a breakout has “cleared up,” that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily it goes unnoticed. Acne has a tendency to leave behind signs of breakouts, particularly in fairer skin. Fortunately, there are tools and technologies to tackle even the stubbornest of acne signs. To get your skin summer-ready, contact VIDA today for your complimentary consultation. Simply complete the online contact form for the quickest response or call the office today.