Since the beginning of time, women have felt the pressure and desire to look younger while that wasn’t the case for men—until now. Silicon Valley is cited as the hub for the recent trend in men also feeling the pressure to look younger, as reported by Peter Holley in The Washington Post. You don’t need to work in Silicone Valley to take advantage of the many men’s aesthetic services available at VIDA, although we do certainly take care of many men in the tech industry.

Holley talked to a number of men in Silicon Valley, all who understandably chose to remain anonymous. According to these men, looks and youthfulness have become prized in the industry for men and women alike. This has led to a boom in aesthetic treatments for men and even an increase in plastic surgery. One worker said that if it was discovered a man was older than his colleagues, he simply wouldn’t be considered for the choice roles and it’s seemingly based largely on his looks and perceived age.

Evening the Playing Field: MediSpa Treatments For Men

For women, understanding that preferences are given to those who are young is nothing new. However, for men this can be a bit of a shock. Age no longer necessarily equates to experience in the eyes of decision-makers. This trend has gone beyond Silicone Valley, with the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASPS) reporting cosmetic services for men skyrocketed 325% from 1997 – 2015. Dubbed the “daddy do-over” by the ASPS, this has led to 100,000 men getting dermal fillers in 2018 and half a million opting for Botox.

Fillers and Botox are certainly two of the most popular men’s services at VIDA, but there are additional ways to look younger (and perhaps gain an edge in your profession). The skin is the first place to show the signs of aging, but it’s not just about lines and wrinkles. Skin laxity and sun damage are also red flags. This can be addressed with laser skin rejuvenation as well as Ultherapy, a revolutionary skin tightening treatment. All men’s services are quick, non-invasive, and require no downtime.

Whether you’re looking into men’s aesthetic services to boost your self-confidence or to remain competitive at work, a customized treatment plan is essential. Connect with VIDA today by calling (503) 399-0021 and schedule a complimentary consultation.