What’s the difference between physician-grade skin care products and “deals” you find in stores and online? A lot—and that’s why VIDA exclusively offers physician recommended skin care products like Obagi, ZO Skin Health, Epionce, and more. Now, you can shop for your favorite or recommended dermatology grade skin care products directly from the VIDA shop online or in the office. For those who prefer to shop from home, auto-ship is an option and shipping is always free with no minimum purchase. Monthly specials ensure you always get the best physician-grade products at the best price or when you decide to try out something new. Enroll in the monthly VIDA newsletter to be the first to know about new specials.

But what makes physician-grade products so much better? These products are also called cosmeceuticals and some contain prescription-strength ingredients. This makes them better than even luxury skin care products that you might find at upscale shops. When a skin care product is physician grade, it’s required to get FDA approval from controlled trials. Unless a product has FDA approval, you can’t be certain that it’s safe or effective. Over the counter products don’t have to go through this kind of testing, which means there’s no standard for quality or production.

Benefits of Physician Grade Skin Care Products

One of the most common “tricks” manufacturers use when making over the counter skin care products is to dilute them. That’s why it can be dangerous or simply a waste of money to buy what seems to be physician-grade skin care products from non-qualified sources. If the price sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Only shop from sources you trust, like VIDA, to ensure that the product you are buying isn’t diluted or otherwise tampered with.

Stronger active ingredients including peptides, antioxidants, and retinols are what give you the results you want and love. This leads to more noticeable results than those achieved by products you’ll find in stores. Physician grade skin care penetrates deeper into the skin’s surface to interact with the biological makeup of the skin. Plus, physician-grade products are usually recommended by a professional who can customize a regimen based on your skin and goals. Learn more about the skin care products available at VIDA by visiting our store, or calling (503) 399-0021.