Most people will experience some type of acne in their lifetime, and a lot of people struggle with acne from adolescence onward. At VIDA Aesthetic Medicine, we understand that acne isn’t just embarrassing and annoying—it’s a real medical condition. Just because something is common doesn’t mean it’s normal or that it just has to be accepted. VIDA is much more than a medical day spa, and is led by Medical Director Dr. Glen Jarosz who personally trains the entire staff to treat a variety of skin conditions including acne.

When treating acne, it’s often a two-pronged approach. You may need to see a dermatologist to treat current acne and prevent future breakouts. The treatment will vary based on the type of acne (there are several types) and how your body responds. Over-the-counter treatments are only sometimes effective for the mildest of acne. A lot of people benefit from prescription topical or oral medications. However, there’s another facet of acne to consider as well: the lingering signs of hyperpigmentation and scarring.

Treating Acne and Its Effects

At VIDA, we offer a wide variety of treatments to stop active acne and erase signs that it ever existed. One of the most effective is broadband light (BBL) therapy, a type of intense-pulsed light (IPL) treatment. BBL is one of the most popular tools used to erase any type of hyperpigmentation and redness, including those from past acne breakouts. It also helps put an end to active acne. BBL ensures minimal downtime, no trauma to the skin, and it’s incredibly pleasing to watch old acne brown spots slough away 1 – 2 weeks after the treatment.

Microneedling is a great treatment for virtually any skin condition, including brown spots and scarring from acne. It’s a completely natural approach to skin rejuvenation that works by causing tiny micro-punctures in the skin using a medical-grade microneedling device. Controlled trauma encourages collagen production at the treatment site, which kick-starts the body’s healing process. Microneedling is especially helpful for light scarring, but bear in mind this treatment cannot be performed on those with an active breakout.

Peeling Away Signs of Acne

Another great method for removing old signs of acne is a light chemical peel. These peels are customized using a variety of chemicals to peel away the top layer of the skin. This is often where signs of past breakouts live, from brown spots to mild acne scarring. Chemical peels also “tell” the body to start producing more collagen on the face, which helps with the healing process while revitalizing the skin. A superficial chemical peel requires virtually no downtime, though you may be a bit red and have a rough texture on the skin for 1 – 2 weeks after your treatment.

For those with more severe acne hyperpigmentation and scarring, a medium-depth peel or pairing a light peel with microdermabrasion may be recommended. A medium peel is just what it sounds like: a treatment that peels away more layers of the skin. This can be an effective tool for those with deeper scarring. However, the downtime can also be a bit longer. You may experience more redness and a more obvious peeling rather than simply rough texture compared to a light peel.

A Microderm-Peel combines a light peel with microdermabrasion and uses the DiamondTome tip. This proprietary peel gets rid of dead, damaged cells from the epidermic surface while causing little to no irritation. This is followed by a light peel once the skin has been prepped for optimal penetration. You can also use the PCA peel during this process, which is known for encouraging skin cell turnover.

Get Control Over Acne

It’s a common myth that acne is a rite of passage in your teenage years. Many adults have discovered the hard way that acne can and often does persist throughout adulthood. It can be exacerbated by hormone fluctuations as well as environmental factors—things that you can’t necessarily control. Although a healthy diet is important for healthy skin (since your skin is an organ), it’s a myth that eating a slice of pizza or chocolate bar from time to time “causes” acne. Acne is caused by bacteria and hormone fluctuations, and you may need professional help in order to get it this medical condition under control.

You also don’t need to live with the lingering signs of past breakouts. Schedule your complimentary consultation with VIDA today to create a custom action plan to tackle your acne. Connect with VIDA by calling the office today or completing the online form.