The winter months are when most people notice an increase in brown spots and hyperpigmentation. This is normal following the summer months, and right now is when sun damage really starts to show. VIDA offers a suite of lasers and light-based devices to minimize and remove brown spots, with intense pulsed light (IPL) and broadband light (BBL) therapies being two of the most popular, safest, and effective. Let’s take a look at how these devices work.

Also known as phototherapy, BBL and IPL are quite similar—in fact, BBL is the second generation of IPL technology. However, these devices don’t “just” work on brown spots. They are also effective at addressing broken blood vessels, minimizing pores, improving acne and other light scarring, and even laser hair reduction. At VIDA, we are much more than a medical day spa. Led by Medical Director Dr. Glen, every member of the staff is trained to the highest of standards because getting the best results requires more than being matched with the right treatment—you also deserve to only trust your service to leading experts.

Is BBL or IPL for You?

Unlike some other lasers, BBL and IPL are relatively gentle with little to no downtime. It’s important to avoid sun exposure when possible before and after the treatment, which makes the winter months ideal for any laser treatment. However, BBL is much less aggressive than other lasers and most clients feel comfortable immediately getting back to their daily tasks (albeit looking a little pink and sun-kissed). Keep in mind that you can opt for BBL year-round, but that winter is the ideal time for most clients to get started on their treatments.

BBL directs energy (heat) into the skin, and skin cells that absorb this heat are “told” to stimulate new collagen. Ultimately, BBL works by harnessing your body’s own healing powers, making it a fantastic solution for many skin concerns and issues. From freckles to acne and rosacea, the light energy targets the skin by gently heating up the top layers for overall revitalization. However, when removing brown spots is the goal, BBL penetrates all the way to the unwanted pigment. These spots will get darker in the days following the treatment, but don’t worry. That’s part of the process. You will see these spots peel off within two weeks of your treatment. When targeting redness, the blood vessels located in the upper layers of the skin are targeted and closed, then the body absorbs destroyed vessels in the weeks following the treatment.

Preparing for BBL

Most people consider BBL gentle, similar to a warm sensation on the skin. Local topical anesthetics can be used for sensitive areas or those with sensitive skin. You can use BBL just about anywhere on the body with no need to plan for downtime. However, if you have a special event coming up and want to reduce brown spots through BBL, it’s a good idea to schedule BBL at least two weeks prior to allow for any temporary darkening of brown spots to subside.

Most people require 3 – 4 treatments for optimal results, with sessions spaced a few weeks apart. During your consultation, we’ll discuss how many sessions will likely be needed for your goals. Once your optimal skin health has been achieved, Forever Young BBL is a phototherapy treatment for maintenance and to sustain results.

Rewinding the Clock

Most people think wrinkles are the first sign of aging, but in actuality, it’s often brown spots and hyperpigmentation. The brown spots you see today could actually be caused by sun damage sustained during childhood. You don’t see children with brown spots (besides freckles), but we tend to experience more as we get older and decades of accumulative UV damage begins to show. Fortunately, we can erase these spots and turn back the clock.

You can also improve results by pairing BBL with other treatments such as microneedling. At VIDA, complimentary consultations are available on all treatments because we are committed to helping you get the skin you want and deserve. To learn more about BBL, other laser treatments, and everything else available at VIDA, contact the office today or simply complete the online form for the quickest response.