Your face is your first impression, and you deserve to be confident in your looks—and your profile. VIDA offers two options to remove unwanted fat that causes a double chin, including Kybella and CoolMini (a product of CoolSculpting). Kybella is the latest available treatment and removes submental fat that causes double chins by using deoxycholic acid, which already occurs naturally in the body. A series of injections slowly and steadily eliminate this excess fat in the weeks following the treatment. When fat is removed with Kybella or CoolMini, it never comes back.

Almost as many people struggle with a double chin (68 percent) as lines and wrinkles near the eyes (71 percent). A double chin can happen to anyone, regardless of weight. You don’t need to be overweight to have this common condition. A double chin can make you look heavier or older than you are, and it’s impossible to target this fat with diet and exercise alone. Face yoga and other types of exercises can strengthen muscles in the face, but can’t get rid of double chins.

The Right Double Chin Treatment for You

Both Kybella and CoolMini are shown to be safe and effective, but remember that the fat removal by these treatments is permanent.* You only want to trust a highly skilled expert with Kybella or CoolMini. Dr. Kim Thompson at VIDA was the very first to offer Kybella treatments in Salem, and she’s received training from a Kythera Biopharmaceuticals trainer (the original Kybella parent company). Patients know their results will be beautiful and natural-looking when Dr. Thompson and her team of expert injectors are taking care of them.

The best double chin treatment for you will depend on your skin and your goals, and will be discussed during your complimentary consultation. CoolMini, CoolSculpting, and Kybella are all great options for sculpting and contouring the body with exacting fat removal. Learn more about your options by calling VIDA today at (503) 399-0021.