A chemical peel in Salem can mean a lot of things, and it’s critical to only work with a trusted esthetician. VIDA offers a wide variety of chemical peels that are personalized to treat your specific skin, needs, and goals. At the most basic level, chemical peels can be defined as light, medium, and deep. This refers to how deep the chemical peel goes into the skin, and every depth has the capacity to treat different skin conditions.

Chemical peels are also comprised of different chemicals—thus the treatment’s name. Various chemicals can also be used to treat different conditions as well as different skin types. For example, only certain chemical peels and depths are recommended for clients with more melanin. Some chemical peels can lighten the skin, which can be a good thing for clients with fair skin struggling with sun damage or acne scarring. However, those with darker skin tones do not benefit from skin lightening chemical peels.

Your Salem Chemical Peel

There are nearly countless combinations of chemicals and it requires an expert hand to control the depths of a chemical peel in Salem. Chemical peels can provide incredible, fast-acting results but only when the correct chemicals are professionally applied. This means chemical peels must be fully customized for every client.

Chemical peels can treat sun spots and age spots, fine lines and wrinkles, scarring, poor skin tone and texture, and ultimately tighten and brighten the skin. In some cases, chemical peels might even help a client delay or avoid more aggressive treatments such as surgery. Chemical peels have the ability to treat a wide variety of skin concerns in a single treatment.

What You Need to Know About Chemical Peels

Depending on the type of chemical peel, some pre-treatment care and after-care is critical for a successful outcome. This often means avoiding the sun before and after your treatment. Chemical peels work by “peeling away” the top levels of the skin to reveal younger-looking skin below the surface. This “new skin” is especially vulnerable to UV damage, so a chemical peel is a great time to revisit your sun protection regimen and upgrade it. Esthetician-recommended at-home skin care products can help protect this new skin and sustain your chemical peel results.

The first step in a chemical peel journey is a consultation to start personalizing a peel just for you. Connect with VIDA today at (503) 399-0021 to learn more about chemical peel treatments.