Sometimes a patient is unsure about Botox because they worry the treatment will leave them unable to smile naturally or that they’ll look frozen. However, Botox injected by a skilled provider like those at VIDA Aesthetic Medicine ensures results that always look natural. Drs. Thompson and Jarosz along with Julie Miller, RN, are the only injectors at VIDA, and you can be assured results will always look completely natural because you are trusting a highly qualified injector with your Botox treatments.

Botox is the most well-known aesthetic treatment in the US, and every year it becomes more popular. It has been available for over 30 years and has proven to be an effective and safe way to relax the muscles that cause unwanted wrinkles and lines on the face. However, choosing the right, experienced injector is critical to achieving the natural-looking results you want. VIDA injectors are dedicated to tailoring Botox treatments to every client so that every injection is customized for your unique goals and facial muscles.

What Botox Can Do for You

Properly injecting Botox requires knowledge, artistry, and precision in order to achieve fantastic results. Your injector should consider the uniqueness of your face and muscle structure in order to design your treatment plan. Many patients are interested in Botox to minimize lines and wrinkles, but Botox can also be used to treat chronic migraines and excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis). Botox can also be used as a non-invasive and temporary facial lift at the ends of the eyebrows.

When you work with a Botox professional, the treatment can be used to address a variety of concerns ranging from a down-turned mouth to chin dimpling. You can also earn Brilliant Distinctions Points with every Botox treatment. It’s a revered points program that’s only available in Oregon at VIDA and in the Portland Metro area. Discover more Botox benefits or schedule your complimentary consultation today by calling VIDA at (503) 399-0021.