Brown spots or “age spots” are a type of hyperpigmentation often caused by sun damage. Although they are usually harmless, brown spots are one of the primary reasons clients visit VIDA Aesthetic Medicine. Much more than a medispa, VIDA is home to the latest technologies, techniques, and procedures to help you achieve beautiful, healthy, youthful skin. For many struggling with brown spots, intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy and/or a chemical peel can be a great solution to lighten and even eliminate these unsightly spots.

There are actually a few potential causes of brown spots, since hyperpigmentation is an umbrella term that refers to darkened spots on the skin. Some people are born with a harmless type of hyperpigmentation, sometimes referred to as a birthmark. However, by the time you’re 40+, most brown spots on your skin are the result of sun damage. Even if you’ve been vigilant about sun protection for the past 10 or 20 years, brown spots are still typically tied to UV damage. Here’s how.

Sun Damage is a Slow Game

Sun damage occurs both immediately and over time. A sunburn followed by a suntan is actually the first sign of sun damage. Some people see immediate hyperpigmentation after being out in the sun, in the form of an influx of new freckles or brown spots. However, brown spots more often appear several years or even decades after UV damage. This makes the term “age spots” appropriate since you do need to complete quite a few birthdays before the full results of sun damage appears.

It can be easy to confuse brown spots with other types of hyperpigmentation, such as moles. There are some key differences, such as the concentration of spots and borders of the lesions when comparing the two, and it can provide peace of mind knowing that brown spots are rarely watched for skin cancer. Yes, brown spots are often a sign of sun damage, but the spots themselves are usually benign.

However, this provides little comfort to those whose brown spots make them feel self-conscious, experience reduced self-esteem, and feel older than they are.

Treating Brown Spots Aesthetically

Matching the skin concern with the right treatment—and for the right skin tone and type—is critical for a successful treatment. VIDA is led by Medical Director Dr. Glen Jarosz, who trains and manages the staff personally. All estheticians at VIDA are CAE-certified and Dr. Jarosz also provides treatments. This ensures that your treatment for brown spots is safe and effective.

IPL has long been one of the best treatments for brown spots. It often falls under the category of laser treatment, but it’s actually an energy-based device (as are a number of other devices often included under lasers). It uses short bursts of light energy to target unwanted pigment, break it up, and then the body absorbs and expels it naturally in the days and weeks following the treatment.

Peel Back the Clock

Chemical peels can also be a fantastic solution for brown spots depending on the depth of pigmentation. Chemical peels are a customized concoction of chemicals designed to peel away the top layer(s) of the skin. This reveals more youthful, clearer, and vibrant skin below the surface while also encouraging the body to produce a rush of collagen at the treatment site. Chemical peels come in various depths/strengths, and there are chemical peels for every skin tone.

Chemical peels can and should be individualized for each client. With both IPL and chemical peels you can enjoy even more benefits than brown spot removal. These treatments are capable of simultaneously tightening the skin, lightening fine lines and wrinkles, and addressing other types of hyperpigmentation such as acne scarring. Some clients achieve the best results with both IPL and chemical peels, but you’ll find out exactly which treatment plan is ideal for you during a consultation.

Ready to get rid of your brown spots for good? Complimentary consultations are available for all treatments so you can learn more about treatments in an informative and no-pressure environment. Get ready to make your post-COVID debut looking and feeling your absolute best! Fill out the online contact form now or call VIDA at (503) 399-0021.