VIDA Aesthetic Medicine is open for Botox appointments. Book your appointment today and temporarily minimize or even remove fine lines and wrinkles entirely in a fast 15-minute appointment. At VIDA, we take social distancing seriously and have adopted new best practices to ensure client and staff safety. Botox appointments are fast, efficient, and the results are proven. If you’ve never tried Botox before, right now is a great time to learn about how it works and why it’s been one of the most requested aesthetic services for decades.

Botox is a neuromodular, and when it’s injected into facial muscles it causes temporary paralysis that lasts on average 4 – 6 months. Botox is delivered in “units,” and how many units you’ll need will vary based on the depth of the wrinkles and how many areas are being treated. This paralysis stops muscles from creating unwanted lines and wrinkles. Some of the most popular areas to treat include the horizontal lines on the forehead, the “angry elevens” between the eyebrows, and imperfections around the eyes.

What to Know About Botox

Botox has been considered a safe, minimally invasive aesthetic procedure for many years. You can immediately get back to your normal day after Botox injections, though it’s recommended that you don’t do anything that will make you sweat for 24 hours after the injections and avoid lying down for a few hours after your treatment. The skill of the professional injecting your Botox is also just as important as the procedure itself. There is an art to Botox injections based on years of experience and training, so you only want an expert Botox injector taking care of you. VIDA is home to leading Botox injectors including Dr. Glen Jarosz and RN Julie Miller. Medical Director Dr. Kim Thompson also performs these treatments.

This injection is also routinely used for “off label” purposes including the prevention of migraines and stopping excessive, unwanted sweating. However, it remains most renowned for stopping and preventing the formation of wrinkles. Treat yourself to younger-looking skin and a happier, more relaxed experience with Botox at VIDA. Call (503) 399-0021 to schedule your Botox injection or learn more about the procedure.