Broadband light therapy, also known as BBL therapy, addresses a wide range of skin issues including damage caused by pollution, the sun, aging, and harsh cleansers. BBL in Salem works in clients of all ages and with all skin types to undo years of damage, making skin younger-looking, clearer, and brighter. Unlike other types of skin rejuvenation treatments, BBL truly does it all and is a hard-working multi-tasker.

Salem BBL is the latest iteration of intense pulsed light therapy (also known as IPL). IPL is founded on the bases of brief blasts of high-intensity light to firm and tone skin. IPL has always been a favorite because it’s non-surgical and there is very little down time. Broadband light can treat freckles, age spots, pigmented lesions, vascular lesions, uneven skin texture, and even help with rosacea.

What to Expect with Salem BBL Treatments

Prior to a treatment, it’s important to avoid sunlight. Some clients need to work with their doctors to check on stopping certain medications that make you light-sensitive. Never stop or change medications without checking with your primary doctor first. The Salem BBL treatments are quick, lasting 30 – 60 minutes depending on the treatment areas. Skin can look mildly swollen and red during your treatment. Broadband light can feel warm during the procedure, but not painful.

Most clients require a few BBL Salem treatments spaced a few weeks apart to achieve optimal results. Immediately after each treatment, clients need to avoid exfoliants and scented lotions. If freckles and sun spots look darker in the days following Salem BBL, don’t worry—that’s a sign that the treatment is working. These spots “flake off” a few weeks later.

How BBL Works

Light energy from BBL heats up the top layers of the skin and the heat is then absorbed to stimulate the regeneration of collagen and skin cells. It’s a process designed to restore skin, blending in the skin’s colors to create skin that is more vibrant and healthier. Simultaneously, photothermal energy erases tiny vessels that cause redness. BBL’s cooling feature ensures the safest high-power energy is delivered with maximum comfort.

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