What is Vanquish?



Vanquish is a revolutionary treatment to eliminate unwanted fat from your abdomen and love handles without ever having the machine touch your body! Differing from CoolSculpting, which targets a specific area, Vanquish delivers thermal heat-energy over a larger target area. It works by preferentially heating and destroying unwanted fat cells, while protecting the surrounding skin, muscles, and internal organs.

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At VIDA, we understand that all of our patients are unique in their body’s distribution of unwanted fat. We do recommend that our clients continue to eat healthy and be active to help with their long term goals. We specialize in working with you to come up with the best treatment plan for your individual goals. Our providers will assess you to determine that you are a good candidate for treatment. Our state of the art facility is equipped with the latest technology to help you achieve your desired results in the safest, and most effective way. A leaner body is just around the corner!


Stubborn belly fat that won’t budge with diet and exercise or loose skin from weight loss or childbirth can really take a toll on your confidence. Non-invasive body sculpting procedures are a fast and effective way to lose those stubborn pounds.

No matter where you carry excess fat, we understand that it can take a toll on your confidence.
Since diet and exercise don’t always work, we offer non-invasive body-sculpting procedures to effectively eliminate these concerns.

You may resume your normal activities immediately following the procedure, however you may experience mild redness, warmth, and tenderness in the treated area up to a few hours after the treatment.

Expect to be in our office for approximately 1 hour for each treatment.

While many clients may notice results within a few weeks after your last treatment, it can take up to 3 months to see the full effects of your treatment as your body continues to rid itself of fat cells.