There are scores of lasers available on the market, each designed to treat specific skin concerns. VIDA is committed to giving clients the best possible results regardless of their skin concerns, and that often entails using lasers—or a combination of lasers. VIDA is more than a medical day spa, led by Medical Director Dr. Glen who personally trains every member of the staff to the highest of standards. Estheticians are all CAEs dedicated to ongoing training. A combination of the best skin care professionals in Salem and an impressive suite of lasers to treat all skin concerns makes VIDA the easy choice for your next treatment.

Many clients want to know which laser treatments are best for their face, how to remove brown spots, which are the safest lasers, and if lasers can get rid of wrinkles and even tattoos. There is no singular “best” laser because it depends on your skin and what you would like to achieve. However, gone are the days when lasers were reserved strictly for those with lighter skin tones. We have lasers capable of safely treating all skin colors so that those with more melanin don’t have to worry about unwanted lightening.

Laser Treatment Success

Tattoo removal has become increasingly popular in recent years for a number of reasons. First, most people’s first tattoo is often not the best quality. A lot of people want to simply get rid of ink they no longer want or like while others want to erase subpar tattoo work to make room for newer, better designs. If you’re thinking about laser tattoo removal, we exclusively use the Medlite C6 technology. This laser can do more than tattoo removal, but it’s considered the gold standard because it can tackle even old, deep tattoos with traditionally stubborn colors like blue and green.

Of course, getting rid of lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation has long been a goal for many people. In these instances, broadband light therapy (BBL) is an excellent choice. It’s the latest iteration of intense pulsed light therapy (IPL). Combining a powerful outcome with a gentle approach, most people don’t need to “plan around” BBL therapy. There can be some redness and sensitivity for about one week after the treatment, but as long as you aren’t getting BBL for a special event you should be fine to immediately get back to your daily life. A series of BBL sessions often produces the best results, and you can enjoy sustained results with routine future treatments.

As an added bonus, BBL is also highly effective at treating rosacea. If you struggle with this chronic condition, you know there is no cure but there are definitely options for reducing symptoms. Rosacea isn’t harmful, but that persistent flush can be embarrassing and get in the way of social lives. BBL is the secret weapon of many with rosacea and now it’s your turn to discover everything it can do.

Lasers (and More) for the Face and Body

Many lasers can be used on both the face and body for a comprehensive and holistic revitalization. There are also technologies that complement the world of lasers, such as Ultherapy. This isn’t a laser, but neither is BBL which uses light instead of lasers. Ultherapy uses ultrasound technology to tighten and tone the skin with results that can last for years. It can be an excellent alternative to more invasive procedures or can help delay the desire for surgeries like a tummy tuck.

Lasers and light devices can treat virtually every concern you may have, making them a fantastic choice for everyone. Whether you want to improve tone, texture, treat a number of medical skin issues, or simply get back the glow that you’ve lost over time, there’s the perfect laser for you available at your favorite medispa. However, don’t forget that we are more than a medispa since we are physician-led and doctors routinely perform injectables and other complementary treatments, which means you can enjoy peace of mind knowing only professionals are taking care of you. To schedule your complimentary consultation for laser therapy or any other treatment, connect with VIDA today. Simply complete the online form or call the office at (503) 399-0021.