If you’ve been wondering what the difference is between lip fillers, lip injections, and lip augmentation in Salem, the answer is not much (usually!). These are all common terms for the same procedure of injecting the lips with a dermal filler, usually made of hyaluronic acid (HA). Lip augmentation can also sometimes refer to the fat transfer from a donor site of the body to the lips, but this is a surgical procedure that cannot promise specific results. Fat dies during the transfer, there are inherent risks involved with surgery, and ultimately nobody knows how much of the fat will “stick” in the lips or whether symmetry will occur. In other words, it’s much better to refine your lips with lip fillers rather than surgery.

HA fillers are so popular because this acid is already found naturally in the body. It is what makes our skin plump in the right ways, but we produce less of it as we get older. HA provides natural-looking results and there is very little chance of it getting rejected by the body. However, there is no lip injection treatment that is permanent. Some last longer than others, and we will work with you to determine the right lip filler for your goals and needs. Most HA fillers last anywhere from 6 – 18 months on average, though the lips are a hypermobile area so fillers last a little less here than in other parts of the face. You can counteract this by customizing the number of syringes used and, of course, by only working with highly experienced lip filler injectors.

The VIDA Difference for Lip Fillers in Salem

At VIDA, you will find highly skilled experts providing lip augmentation such as Dr. Glen, Dr. Thompson, and RN Kseniya Trofimchik. The estheticians are all CAE and personally trained by Dr. Glen. The injector is just as important as the injection when it comes to the comfort and success of lip fillers. Avoiding “trout pout” or duck lips is very feasible when you’re working with only the best.

There are many different types of dermal fillers that can be used for the lips. Juvederm and Restylane are two of the most popular manufacturers, and within these “families” of fillers, there are many products. Small differences between HA fillers are important. For example, a change in the viscosity of one HA filler compared to another can make for a more natural “spread” of the lip filler. Most HA fillers also include lidocaine or another numbing agent for the most comfortable experience, but not all have this ingredient. We can discuss the benefits of various lip fillers with you during your complimentary consultation.

Why Get Lip Fillers?

Lip fillers have long been popular, and at this point, it is clear this is a trend that isn’t going anywhere. This is because lush, full lips are a sign of youth and vitality. We lose “good fat” in our face as we get older, and this includes in the lips. Whether you want to get the volume you’ve never had or get it back, lip fillers can make you look and feel sexier while also turning back the clock.

Of course, the lips aren’t the only place where you can get dermal fillers. Many clients at your favorite medical day spa also opt for dermal fillers in the cheeks, temples, jawline, below the eyes, and even the tops of the hands. Each of these areas can show signs of aging, but dermal fillers restore the vitality lost. Lips are definitely one of the most popular spots for filler injections, but combining dermal fillers throughout the face can offer a complete rejuvenation.

Luscious Lips for Summer

Are you looking for the best place to get a proper pout in Salem? VIDA has you covered with all of the best and safest lip fillers as well as expert injectors. Consultations are always complimentary and lip augmentation is customized to your unique face and goals. No two lip augmentations should even be the same, which is why we work with clients to ensure stunning results.

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