Botox has been one of the most popular lunch hour procedures for decades, so does it matter where you get it? Absolutely, and it’s time you discover the Botox experience at VIDA. Botox and its counterparts, such as Dysport, are a type of neuromodulator that temporarily paralyze targeted muscles. For many medical day spa clients, the goal is fewer lines and wrinkles, which Botox can achieve by “freezing” the muscles that cause them. However, there’s so much more Botox can do, particularly if you exclusively work with expert injectors.

Botox in Salem has increasingly become a “pre-juvenation” treatment. In other words, younger clients are opting for Botox to “train” wrinkle-causing muscles to be weaker so that lines appear much later in life. Preventing issues is always preferable to treating them, which is why clients as young as their late teens and early twenties are increasingly opting for Botox these days. Still, it is never too late to tackle wrinkles. Botox remains the leading treatment for those who want to stop lines in their tracks or even reverse them.

Other Botox Benefits

Botox isn’t just for stopping and preventing wrinkles. It is commonly used for a number of off-label uses including treating excessive sweating and migraines. More recently, Botox is being used to achieve the “lip flip.” This can be an alternative or addition to dermal fillers and works by injecting small amounts of Botox into key areas of the upper lip. A lip flip can be beneficial to those whose upper lip hikes up to create a gummy smile.

As you can see, the benefits of Botox are vast. Many clients love Botox for its ability to treat numerous concerns. You can get Botox to stop the angry elevens between the brows while also getting injections in other parts of the forehead to prevent migraines. Considering everything that Botox can do, it’s no wonder that it’s still the most popular treatment either as an add-on or standalone procedure.

The Botox Difference: Skilled Injectors

At VIDA, we are much more than a MediSpa. Led by Medical Director Dr. Glen, injectors at VIDA include Dr. Glen himself, Dr. Thompson, and RN Kseniya Trofimchik. This means that your Botox injections are only performed by incredibly skilled and trained experts. Board-certified MDs are not available at most “Botox clinics,” and this is just one of many factors that sets VIDA apart.

The results of Botox are impermanent no matter the reason for the injections. Still, the results can last around six months on average and that’s a long time to not love your results. Your injector makes all the difference. A poor injection can lead to poor results including no improvement or even a frozen look. In some rare circumstances, Botox has “spread” to other parts of the face causing severe asymmetry. There is no method for “dissolving” Botox, and if a botched job occurs from someone who is not an expert, you have minimal correction options. Most of the time, a poor Botox experience simply needs to be waited out.

Get Botox You’ll Love in Salem

If you’re new to Botox, it’s understandable that you might have some reservations. Get peace of mind as you fall in love with Botox by working only with the best injectors for Botox in Salem. You can use Botox to achieve both your aesthetic and functional goals, using it to get a subtle “lift” of the bows without surgery, stop unwanted lines, wrinkles, and folds, or keep excessive sweating in check. 

There are many ways you can gauge the skill of an injector, starting with taking a look at credentials. Who leads, trains, and supervises the staff of a MediSpa? What do testimonials and reviews say about the clinic you’re considering? What do before and after photos look like? Are the licenses and certifications displayed in keeping with what you deserve from the professional you’re trusting with your results? All MDs should be board-certified and estheticians should hold their CAE—this should be foundational as you do your Botox research.

At VIDA, we make it easy for you. Our injectors are leaders in their field with years of training and experience related to Botox. Schedule your complimentary consultation or Botox appointment today by completing the online form or calling VIDA at (503) 399-0021.