Lip fillers can be a fun and immediate way to enjoy fuller, more symmetrical lips and it has always been one of the top treatments at VIDA. The most popular lip injections are made of hyaluronic acid (HA), which occurs naturally in the body. Results are seen right away, and depending on the type of filler and injection amount these fillers can last an average of 6 – 12 months. There are also lip fillers like Sculptra that work by encouraging the body to produce more collagen at the injection site, which leads to fuller lips over time.

Lip fillers that are injected at an establishment that is more than a medical day spa, like VIDA, are safe and provide beautiful, natural-looking results. Unfortunately, there has recently been a number of self-proclaimed “experts” on social media advertising lip injections at unbelievably discounted prices. Oftentimes, these steep discounts are because the person advertising them is not licensed to provide lip injections.

Only Trust Professionals with Lip Injections

Those who have fallen for these ads have reported various red flags they overlooked. In one instance, the so-called “salon” was actually someone’s apartment. They sometimes claim to be “certified,” but do not provide any additional information. Their clients report that there is no paperwork, no inquiries about medical problems, and these unregulated “salons” often don’t check client ages.

These procedures have been described as feeling like torture, and afterward payment is often only accepted in cash. Women have described their lips as being terribly bruised for over two weeks, and sometimes lumps or brown marks appear on the lips. One woman reported that the lumps and marks still have not faded even after six months. When she contacted the “salon” on social media to complain, they blocked her. Ultimately, a surgeon had to treat the botched job.

Lip Injections Done Right

Countless stories like these have been shared online, most notably on accounts like Instagram’s “Fake Injectors.” Any aesthetic treatment should only be performed by a licensed medical provider, and real professionals are quick to share their qualifications. “Botched jobs” just aren’t a cosmetic issue, but a lip filler that’s wrongly injected could lead to a blocked artery and necrosis.

Proper lip injections performed by an esthetician provide safe, beautiful results. Only trust certified injectors like those at VIDA, and find out more about the treatment by calling (503) 399-0021.