Which laser is best for you? At VIDA, we offer a variety of options but one of the most popular is broadband light therapy—otherwise known as BBL. It can address a number of common skin conditions, is suitable for men and women of any skin tone and type, and was recently featured in Hour Detroit as a leading laser skin treatment thanks to the latest technology and proven results.

BBL is the next generation of intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy, or phototherapy. It uses a type of intense pulsed light to revitalize the skin. During your treatment, light beams penetrate the skin and deliver energy into the dermis, which encourages collagen and elastin synthesis. This type of light, when delivered at different wavelengths, can cause skin tightening while reversing unwanted pigmentation and redness. Collagen production is the body’s natural healing response, and when manipulated through BBL or another means it can help to lighten scars, improve fine lines and wrinkles, achieve better tone and texture, and much more.

All About BBL

Made by Sciton, BBL is most often used on the face, neck, and chest, but can be applied anywhere it is needed such as the arms, back, and legs. There’s no downtime with BBL, so clients can immediately get back to their professional and social activities. This is not the case with other lasers, particularly fractional lasers, that can cause intense redness and even peeling. BBL can give you dramatic results without a recovery period. Plus, there’s no time-intensive post-care either. With all laser and light treatments, it’s important to avoid the sun whenever you can for a couple of weeks post-treatment, making spring your last chance to get laser skin rejuvenation before the summer sun (and vacations) begin.

Every BBL treatment can be customized just for your needs. Whether you’re looking for corrective treatments to undo issues like sun damage, you want an ongoing skin care regimen to manage chronic conditions like rosacea, or simply get gorgeous, healthy skin long-term, BBL might be the solution for you. You’ll start to see noticeable improvement within the first month after your treatment and continuous improvement in the weeks following. Many people benefit from routine BBL sessions, especially in the early stages in order to get and sustain optimal results.

Is BBL for You?

BBL is a minimally invasive treatment with no discomfort. During your appointment, your provider will glide the handpiece along the skin. A sapphire at the end of the BBL applicator helps to keep skin comfortable and cool. Most treatments take just 10 – 20 minutes, but it depends on how many treatment sites you opt for (and the size of the treatment area). You may continue to experience warmth for up to one hour after your treatment, but it does not get in the way of your daily routine.

Clients use BBL to address many different concerns, such as skin laxity, acne scarring, pore tone and texture, enlarged pores, stretch marks, wrinkles, and even as a means to lift the eyebrows and jowls. Many clients start to see improvement just two weeks after their first session. However, since BBL is a collagen-induction treatment, it can take up to four months to see full results—the body takes time to create collagen. You may notice some tenderness post-treatment, similar to a light sunburn, but this generally disappears within three days. Swelling is a possible but rare side effect of BBL, though it is typically mild.

Scheduling Your BBL

BBL is a fantastic standalone treatment, but also pairs well with other procedures and treatments such as microneedling. We offer complimentary consultations on all treatments so you can ensure you get the right plan for you. If you’re curious about BBL or any of our other laser options, such as Ultherapy, schedule a consultation with one of our skin care experts today. Right now is the perfect time to begin your BBL journey and get summer-ready skin.

If you want skin that looks, feels, and is healthier, BBL can help you to achieve it. Contact us today to get started. Call VIDA during business hours to schedule your consult or appointment, or complete the online contact form right now for an even faster response.