For most people, hair removal is a chore that they would rather not have to waste time performing. In some cases, the hair grows in so incredibly thick and fast that it seems like it is getting out of hand. Fortunately, modern methods of hair reduction have made it possible for people with unwanted body hair to kick their unwanted hair to the curb. We’re talking about laser hair reduction.

Introducing Laser Hair Reduction

When people initially think of laser hair reduction, it is common to think of all of the hair in a given region of the body falling out. Some may even think the hair never grows back. What is typically the case is that the unwanted body hair tends to become thinner over time with each laser hair treatment. As a rule of thumb, this means that most people experience a reduction in hair volume, not necessarily a total removal. After a series of treatment sessions, the volume of hair that is reduced will tend to be as thinned out or eliminated as possible.

What Hair to Remove

People seeking laser hair reduction tend to want the hair to grow in less thick or not at all in some fairly common regions of the body. Chiefly, this means facial hair for most women. Arm pit hair and anywhere around the bikini line will also tend to be popular regions for hair removal. When it comes to hair on the legs, many women do not want to be seen with hair. Men also have some trouble areas where excess body hair becomes a problem. One such area is the back.

How It Works

The laser hair reduction process basically damages the hair follicles in the region of skin being treated. Once a follicle is damaged, it has a tendency to slow hair growth. The effects of this process can last anywhere from months to years. The unpredictable factor is that different people experience different durations of hair elimination and thinning. Also, it is important to have the laser calibrated for specific skin pigments for optimal results.

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