When you live in an area like Salem, it’s not uncommon to see people who are concerned about their overall health and their overall well-being. However, have you ever watched one of these individuals day after day, month after month and realize that even though they are working like crazy to get rid of fat, they are not having any results? Or could it be that that individual is you? If so, learn more information about body contouring via CoolSculpting®.

CoolSculpting® is a body contouring procedure that uses the power of cold to help patients lose body fat. At this point, it’s best to clear up the difference between body weight and body fat. CoolSculpting® is not designed to help you lose weight. It is a procedure that is designed to help you lose fat.

The procedure works when cold devices are placed on the treated area. These specially designed devices create what is referred to as a controlled cooling. This means that the treated area will get cold. As a result, the fat cells that sit just underneath the skin will die. When these fat cells die, they are absorbed by your body’s lymphatic system.

If your body loses fat cells and you don’t do anything to make the remaining fat cells larger, you’re going to lose fat in your body. As you lose fat in stubborn areas, you’re going to start to develop a leaner appearance.

It’s important to emphasize again the fact that CoolSculpting® is not a weight loss program. When you lose weight, the number of fat cells that you have stays exactly the same. Conversely, with CoolSculpting®, these fat cells are completely removed. Once they’re removed from your body, they are removed for good. This doesn’t mean that if you’re not careful, you won’t put on weight again. Nothing could be farther from the truth. If you eat too much and have an unhealthy lifestyle, you will start to put on weight again. So it’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle following this body contouring treatment.

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